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7 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives That Won’t Break Your Bank In 2020


If you’ve been selling and marketing your products, you’re quite familiar with ClickFunnels. It’s the popular building platform out there, and just by the way they sell their services, you’d imagine your business can’t do without it. However, if you’re just starting to sell, ClickFunnels may not be your cup of tea. The pricing is too high for a startup, and you may consider a ClickFunnels alternative with similar benefits but affordable.

ClickFunnels Alternative: 7 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives That Won't Break Your Bank In 2020

While ClickFunnels is easy to setup and straightforward, it’s not as flexible and is quite expensive compared to the features offered. Luckily, with plenty of ClickFunnels alternatives in the market, you can always enjoy these benefits without breaking the bank.

If you’re out to minimize cost as you build your brand, pick a ClickFunnels alternative from the list provided below.

BuilderAll – A Great ClickFunnels Alternative

BuilderAll doesn’t need to be integrated with WordPress, as it’s a complete platform for building websites. This ClickFunnels alternative comes with all the tools you need to set up an online sales funnel and drive traffic to your site. It comes with features such as floating video, sales funnels, full webinar platform, one-click upsells and order bumps, and many more. When it comes to pricing, BuilderAll beats ClickFunnels. You get all what ClickFunnels offers at an affordable rate. 

However, it’s essential to know that BuilderAll won’t work with your existing site. As such, the entire website must be built using the platform. Even so, the features are perfectly functional, and you won’t find it challenging to develop a site.


Kyvio is a fantastic ClickFunnels alternative that allows you to sell through your online sales funnel. The platform offers a wide variety of features such as smart funnels, smart mailer, smart affiliate, and a lot more. Kyvio is new in the market, but marketers are already making significant gains out of it. 

The tool is built on a similar framework as ClickFunnels and allows you to create complete funnels at a click. The good thing is that Kyvio launches new features and integration from time to time, meaning the services keep getting better. And even with its easy-to-use features, its way more affordable than ClickFunnels.

Karta – The Best ClickFunnels Alternative

Most people are dumping ClickFunnels for Karta because of the numerous features it offers at an affordable price. The platform is designed to boost your sales pages, membership pages, and thank-you pages. It’s an online marketing platform with everything you need to build a strong brand out there, from checkouts, membership building, and email marketing to analytics. 

Karta’s email marketing platform comes with automated and drip campaigns, autoresponders, and broadcasts. This allows you to implement marketing funnels at the click of a button. Additionally, unlike ClickFunnels, Karta allows you to self-host your videos instead of external services such as Wistia. 

Something else that sets Karta above ClickFunnels is that it offers a wide range of features even in their beginner plans, and at friendly rates.

Thrive Themes Membership

This ClicksFunnels alternative comes with a wide range of WordPress plugins. With this platform, you’ve got unlimited possibilities when it comes to sales funnel creation. Designed with sales funnels and conversion in mind, this platform allows you to implement your marketing strategies effortlessly. Among the plugins offered is the Thrive Ultimatum, which enables you to apply scarcity marketing principles such as fixed date campaigns. 

Thrive Themes Membership goes for about $19 per month, which is way lower than what ClickFunnels offers. And with this, you get access to all the products. Thrive members are also given access to a variety of their courses at Thrive University for free. Unlike ClickFunnels, the WordPress plugins have no limits to the number of visitors or pages. 


Podia is an all-in-one platform that offers a wide variety of features at an affordable price. It’s a great ClickFunnels alternative, especially if you’re looking for a more user-friendly option. The platform comes with features such as online course creation, membership creation, digital product selling, and email marketing. 

With the membership creation feature, you can make your membership site and have multiple plans with different pricing and coupons for each site. Podia offers a wide variety of marketing features such as Affiliates, Upsell, bundling products, and many more. With Podia, you have two plans to choose from: the Mover, which costs $39 monthly, and Shaker at $79 per month. Both plans are cheaper than what ClickFunnels offers. 


If you want to build your sales funnel within WordPress, OptimizePress is the ideal ClickFunnels alternative for your business. The platform offers a wide range of features including, landing page with LiveEditing, 300 templates across different categories, payment gateways with PayPal, and much more. With OptimizePress’s publisher plan, you get OptimizeMember plugin, which allows you to create membership sites. 

OptimizerPress offers three packages, and for all the plans, you get free support and updates for one year. However, to continue receiving updates, you must renew the license. For lifetime updates, you may consider Thrive Membership instead as you get this with their lifetime plans. 

One Click Upsells + Handsome Checkout Combo

If you’re out to go cheaper with your marketing strategies, you want to try this combo. Unlike other platforms like ClickFunnels, it’s affordable and favorable for those beginning to sell their products. There’s so much you can do with the handsome checkout and one click upsells for woocommerce. Just to highlight a few pros, you get:

  • Turn any page into a sales page by embedding a WooCommerce checkout form
  • Individual checkout template for all your products so that every product in your store looks unique with it’s own testimonials, description and image
  • Replace your default WooCommerce checkout page with nice high converting template

However, these platforms are still WordPress Plugins and they’re mainly focused on Upsells and Checkout pages. If you want something that includes much more like email marketing and tracking, you should try big platforms like ClickFunnels. 

Are you looking for a ClickFunnels alternative that’s less costly? Consider one of the above options.

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