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6 Legit Ways To Increase Your Product Positive Reviews Online


Most people usually go online whenever they’d like to buy a product or a service. A quick search on Google or the other Search Engines would give millions of results, meaning that the potential customer would have to invest more effort to establish which of the results are legit and are the best. After picking a few of the top results, one would typically go back to the search engine and run another search for customer and expert reviews relating to a product or a business. One of the most effective influencers of a potential customer’s decision to place an order is customer reviews.

6 Legit Ways To Increase Your Product Positive Reviews Online

Therefore, it’s in every company’s interest to get as many positive online reviews as possible. Positive reviews will earn your business trust and increase sales.

However, not every company follows the legit ways of earning such reviews.

Some create blogs and post their own reviews using dummy user accounts. Others also pay freelancers to post for them illegitimate positive reviews to lie to potential customers that they’ve performed well in the market.

If, for example, you’re running a WooCommerce store and you’d like to increase positive reviews, a legit approach would make more sense. And if your company is founded on and guided by strong business ethics, you may want to increase online reviews for your WooCommerce store strictly through authentic approaches.

Your question, therefore, would be how to gain such reviews online without compromising on your business principles and ethics.

Well, if that’s your question, below are some of the legit ways through which you can earn more positive reviews online.

Offer Quality Products and Services on Your WooCommerce Store

While this point should be rather obvious, it’s essential that it be reiterated. If you’re selling products on your WooCommerce website, the products should all be genuine and of good quality. When customers visit your store to make a purchase, they’d expect a lot more than just products. They’d expect timely delivery of what they’ve ordered for as well as high-grade customer support. If your business fails to provide any of the above, you’re likely to attract negative reviews from your customers. On the other hand, if both are well executed, the customer would probably leave a positive rating for your business.

Create Professional Profiles on Yelp and Facebook

Research has found out that customers trust Facebook and Yelp reviews more than other platforms. These two platforms have a strong social aspect and are build on robust platforms, with strong financial backing. As a result, many people trust them as platforms that aren’t easily manipulable. Therefore, with your remarkable products, services, and customer support already in place, go ahead and set up professional profiles as a way to increase the number of platforms on which more users can leave their reviews.

Facebook and Yelp provide quite straightforward ways through which users can leave their reviews, making them reliable marketing tools.

Expand Platforms on Which Users Can Leave Reviews

Not every customer finds it easy using Yelp or Facebook. You’d be surprised that some people just have a dislike for either or both platforms. For that reason, therefore, create pages for your business on other platforms so that a customer who doesn’t like one platform would still find your business on another. To achieve this, you can use Google Business, Amazon, and Better Business Bureau, among other platforms. As mentioned in point two above, you must ensure that your WooCommerce store gives users confidence in your business.

Give Your Business a Face on Social Media

You shouldn’t limit your focus to making your store look amazing at the expense of social media. In addition to implementing a chat system, your business should also be active on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram, among other social media platforms. Whenever a user comments on your post or sends a direct message, respond as soon as possible with insightful information that, not only answers their question but also convinces them of your expertise. Most people trust businesses that give them the human face.

So, where possible, share some images of your staff members doing something related to the business.

If you already have t-shirts or a standalone banner put them in good use. With a human face, potential customers would feel closer to your business and possibly give you a positive rating when they finally buy from you.

Ask Your Customers to Leave a Review

Of course, you must first ensure that your customer is satisfied with the products and services you sell to them. With that taken care of, you can then go ahead and request them to write a review for your business. Always do this, and you’ll be surprised by how many of your customers are willing to spare a minute to rate your business. If a customer asks where they should leave a review, direct them to a platform that’s both reliable and easy to use. If it’s complicated, many wouldn’t be willing to spend their time struggling to figure out something.

Optimize Your Website Content

It’s a great thing to get customers to review your WooCommerce store on other websites, but it’s also crucial that your customers get an opportunity to rate your goods and products on your website. After setting up a reviews system on your website, go ahead and structure your website content in such a way that it’d influence website visitors to purchase and eventually leave a review. The reviews should be conspicuously displayed on your website so that even as your visitors surf through your website for products and services, they’d easily see your customer reviews.

Legit reviews are very beneficial to your business provided you’re offering your customers what you promise them. When they’re genuine, you’ll most likely get a few that are negative. That shouldn’t be a reason for you to worry because, as one research found out, 30% of customers don’t trust reviews that are 100 percent positive. They expect that, at least, some users wouldn’t be happy with you and thus drop a line or two that aren’t positive. If your business earns only positive online reviews, well and good.

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