Hi! At HandsomeWP (part of BogdanFix Inc.) we help WooCommerce store owners make more money by building tools, that allow to create “ClickFunnels”-like checkouts, upsells, downsells, improve conversion rates, increase AOV (average order value) and LTV (lifetime value). And overall, make the customer journey better in your WooCommerce store.

Our best products to date are One Click Upsells for WooCommerce and Handsome Checkout Pages for WooCommerce. Both are used in 4200+ stores daily, bringing in the additional profits.

One Click Upsells has generated more than $12 000 000 to the store owners in additional revenue since it was launched in March, 2016. (last updated 01/03/2021)

Handsome Checkout has helped to optimize more than 3 000 000 checkout experiences in WooCommerce stores of our users. (last updated 01/03/2021)

We also have developed a few other plugins like Skip Cart PRO for WooCommerce and Custom Thank You Pages PRO for WooCommerce.

We have also recently developed SendFox integration for WordPress and released it completely for FREE on WordPress.org: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-sendfox/

Our team

  • Bogdan Grigoruk aka BogdanFix – Team Lead, pro WordPress developer
  • Sterling Chase – Head of Marketing
  • Justin Martin – Head of Customer Care
  • Sviat Vasilchuk – pro UI/UX Designer
  • Zoica Doco – pro software tester
  • Ghio Coste – official representative in the Netherlands and Belgium

In 2009 we’ve started contributing to WordPress community and in 2011, when WooCommerce was born, we’ve started helping WooCommerce store owners 🙂

BogdanFix at WooConf WooCommerce Conference 2017

<- That’s Bogdan at WooCommerce Conference 2017 in Seattle, WA.

Top 10% rated WordPress developer in the world. Bogdan is a highly experienced PHP & WordPress developer, problem solver, specialist in WordPress plugins and payment gateway integrations. He has developed 70+ custom privately-used plugins for WordPress community and sped up more than 200+ WordPress websites since 2011.

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Thank you for staying with us! We’re happy to be useful to you and your business.

Let’s increase the sales in your store even more!

To your success, BogdanFix Team