7 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives That Won’t Break Your Bank In 2020


If you’ve been selling and marketing your products, you’re quite familiar with ClickFunnels. It’s the popular building platform out there, and just by the way they sell their services, you’d imagine your business can’t do without it. However, if you’re just starting to sell, ClickFunnels may not be your cup of tea. The pricing is too high for a startup, and you may consider a ClickFunnels alternative with similar benefits but affordable. While ClickFunnels is easy to setup and straightforward, it’s not as flexible and is quite expensive compared to the features offered. Luckily, with plenty of ClickFunnels alternatives in… Read More →

by Bogdan in Market Research

Understanding Your eCommerce Store Target Market


Many eCommerce stores have comparable products and prices, yet there are always standout retailers in every market. What, exactly, separates these top sellers from the rest? In most cases, it’s the fact that they have taken the time to learn their customers exceptionally well. In order to identify what you can do to drive sales, you must first understand what compels your shoppers to buy. And, that all begins with getting to know your target market. Blair Warren, author of The One Sentence Persuasion Course, states, “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their… Read More →

by Bogdan in Market Research