Skip Cart for WooCommerce

Skip Cart for WooCommerce Admin UI by HandsomeWP

Skip Cart for WooCommerce lets you simplify and shorten checkout process by skipping the famous WooCommerce cart page. Driving those “soon-to-be” customers directly to checkout.

You can configure Skip Cart rules for any specific product, for any product categories or globally for all the products.

Also you can funnel your clients from different product pages to different checkout pages at the same time (either default WooCommerce checkout, some custom checkout or Handsome Checkout).

It comes handy, when you are using Handsome Checkout to sell singular products, but also have a product catalogue in your store.

As a bonus feature, you can customize the “Add to cart” button text for any of those Skip Cart rules.

It is one of our helper extensions that can be used on its own, but most effective when bundled with One Click Upsells for WooCommerce and Handsome Checkout for WooCommerce.

Anyone purchasing both One Click Upsells & Handsome Checkout plugins gets Skip Cart for free.