Handsome Checkout Video Guides

Video 1: Getting Started

In our first video we are taking you from 0 to your first completed Handsome Checkout. Going through all the settings you might need to make it work for your WooCommerce store today.

Video 2: Advanced Settings, Facebook Pixel (tracking), Replace default WooCommerce Checkout

In video #2 you will learn about some advanced Handsome Checkout settings, like how to add some custom styling or custom javascript to the page, where to add tracking scripts and how to replace the “no-no” default WooCommerce checkout with a better alternative

Video 3: Product Variations & Quantities, One Click Upsells integration, Abandoned Carts

In this video Sterling will walk you through some key features of Handsome Checkout, that will really make the process of buying from your site much easier. This includes letting your customer pick product variations and/or quantities right on the checkout page, integrating with One Click Upsells to get higher AOVs and recover abandoned carts.

Video 4: Embed Checkout Forms

Here you will learn all you need to know about Embed Checkout Forms, how to put a WooCommerce checkout on any landing page with a little shortcode and how to set it up.

If you liked those videos, and looking for more guides and hints for Handsome Checkout, welcome to our Youtube channel.