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5 Ways To Move Users Through Your WooCommerce Sales Funnel


If you’re running a WooCommerce store, you always aim at turning more prospects into customers. However, with millions of products available online, it isn’t easy to capture the attention of people and get them to buy your products. You need to be a bit smart to outshine your competitors. Setting up WoooCommerce sales funnel is one way of achieving this.

5 Ways To Move Users Through Your WooCommerce Sale

Not every visitor who lands on your page will make a purchase on the same day. While some have their credit cards ready for purchases, others are just there to check what you have. Either way, it’s up to you to get them to know your brand and somehow convince them to purchase your products even if they’ll do it the next time they visit.

With a strongly established WooCommerce sales funnel, you can easily connect with visitors and eventually convert them into customers. Even better, make them repeat customers.

But how do you move users through your WooCommerce sales funnel?

Use Targeted Content And Adverts For Brand Awareness

A customer’s journey begins with brand awareness. Whether it’s through your social media profile or reading reviews from regular customers, someone needs to know about your brand first before they buy it. Therefore, it’s up to you to attract more people at the awareness stage.

While it’s tempting to create content that mostly talks about your products, it pays to deviate a little bit and focus more on educational content. The truth is, most users might not even have a hint about your brand, and so, you won’t capture their attention by selling your product right away.

In your blog and social media strategies, ensure visitors can learn something from the content you post. Keep the content brief, but engaging to capture the attention of your visitors and get them to spend more time on your pages. In that way, they may get interested in what you have to offer.

You can also make use of paid Google and Facebook ads to create brand awareness. It will cost you a little extra, but it will get more people flowing into your site.

Make Your Product Pages Easy To Browse Through

Once people learn about your brand, they may want to know more about the products you offer. Here, you have an opportunity to market your products more aggressively. But even then, remember that your users aren’t yet ready to make purchases from your site. 

Therefore, in a bid to promote your brand, forget about the “buy-now” approach. Instead, make it easier for users to know more about your brand from your product pages. Of course, that means including the information they’re looking for. 

Additionally, you make it easier for them to browse through your product pages. Be sure to have search and filter options so that users can easily find products they’re interested in. In this way, it will take them a short time to get what they want and move to the next stages of your WooCommerce sales funnel.

Help Users Decide Through Reviews And Product Details

In this stage of your WooCommerce sales funnel, your prospects need to make a buy-decision and it’s you to help them. Since you’re not going to interact directly with them, you need to put up appropriate measures in place to achieve this.

Now that your buyers have settled on some specific products, you need to provide them with sufficient details to convince them to make a purchase. To achieve this, make it easier for them to compare available products and read reviews from other customers. 

Alongside detailed product descriptions, be sure to include relevant information such as colors, product dimensions and weight, size guides, and information on the material used to fabricate the product. 

At this point, you also have to show shoppers what other customers are saying about your product. Users should be able to access your product review ratings at a click. You can a product quick view button to your store if you’d like to add detailed product descriptions and customer reviews on your pages. 

It Should Be Easy To Make A Purchase

The aim of setting up a WooCommerce sales funnel is to get more people to purchase your product. Now that they’ve already decided what they want to buy, you would want them to complete the purchase right away. Even so, it’s still up to you to ensure the process is complete.

At this stage you need to:

  • Simplify the checkout process to avoid shopping cart abandonment
  • Encourage users to increase their order value by increasing their purchase quantity or adding more products to the shopping cart

To avoid shopping cart abandonment, be sure to clearly state the shipping and return details. Also, offer popular payment methods like PayPal, as lack of good payment options contributes to shopping cart abandonment. 

To encourage users to increase their purchase quantities, you can change the default quantity for some or all of your products. On top of this, make use of upselling and order bumps to motivate users to buy more products.

Have Proper Post-Purchase Engagement Strategies

It feels great when a customer completes the purchase process, but that’s not the end of your WooCommerce sales funnel journey. You would like them to keep coming back and turn into repeat customers, right? Well, that’s where post-purchase engagement strategies come in. 

Here, you need to make use of email marketing. A customer shouldn’t just purchase a product and checkout without leaving their contact details behind. To establish your brand, your marketing has to continue even after a customer buys your product.

On this note, let your customers leave their email addresses at the checkout stage. In that way, you can send them regular emails and make use of retargeting ads to keep them coming back. It’s a great way to turn one-time customers to repeat customers. 

Final Thought

A successful WooCommerce sales funnel goes a long way to increase your sales and turn prospects into repeat customers. Therefore, be sure to design a structure that will move users from one level to the next until they complete a purchase and become repeat customers.

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