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Jordan Ellington
The Spanish Dude
“Very easy to setup and use...”
“Just setup One Click Upsells. Amazing! Been looking for something like this for years. Your plugin is the real deal, very easy to setup and use. You should be very proud of the simplicity AND sophistication you’ve built.”
Here's everything you get
Easy Funnel Builder
The funnel builder is where you decide which upsell or downsell is offered to your customer. You can create as many offers as you want. And you choose what happens at each step of your funnel. Our Easy Funnel Builder also lets you make customizations to each offer along the way.
Smart Tracking and Reporting
Tracking and reporting for your one time offers is built into the core of One Click Upsells. If you want to see how much upsell revenue a funnel has generated, it’s easy. If you want to see upsell revenue for all funnels, it’s easy. And if you want to see which funnels are converting the highest and which ones are being abandoned by your customers, it’s… well you get the idea :)
Facebook Pixel Integration
Easily track Facebook events on each upsell or downsell you offer. You can track whether an offer was viewed, abandoned or if there was a conversion event. This is true for any tracking pixel even if it's not Facebook.
Choose Your Upsell Quantity
Pre-select the quantity of your products for any upsell or downsell. Or let your customers choose. It’s up to you.
Custom Video Or Text Upsell Pages
With One Click Upsells you can use any page builder to create the kind of page you want. Send your customers to an upsell OR downsell page that uses video, text...or BOTH!
Smart Skip Technology
What happens if your customer is buying the product you’re using for one of your upsells? With our Smart Skip Technology, you can hide that upsell based on the items already in the cart. We’ll skip that offer and move on to the next offer in your funnel.
Smart Triggers
There are more than 12 ways to trigger your upsell funnel. With Smart Triggers you can set up your funnels to start based on individual products, product categories, product tags, customer's location or if it's their first time buyer. Plus a lot more!
Calculate Shipping
We give you three options for handling shipping for your upsell offers. And you can do it all from your funnel builder. You can offer FREE shipping, Flat Rate or apply the same shipping calculation used in the parent order.
Smart Batching
Batching for upsells is something we created a couple years ago and it's incredibly powerful. This feature gives you the option to combine your upsells with the parent order that's triggering your funnel or keep it separate. Combining orders is especially important for fulfillment. It makes sure all the items are part of the same order and will be shipped together.
Duplicate Your Funnel
Got a post purchase funnel that's converting really well? Don't waste time recreating it from scratch. Duplicate it and apply it to another product with a click. It only takes a few seconds!
Funnel Priority
The Funnel Priority feature gives you the option to prioritize one upsell funnel over another. This is important if you have two products being purchased and they each have a different upsell sequence. Which one wins? This feature lets you set the priority so you have 100% control.
Funnel Finder
Once you start using One Click Upsells and experience the results of generating more sales from every customer, you're going to start creating more and more funnels. The Funnel Finder makes it easy to find the exact funnel you're looking for without having to do any scrolling.
Affiliate WP Integration
Work with affiliates? We integrate with Affiliate WP so your upsells can be credited to your promotional partners easily.
Works with Handsome Checkout
If you’re one of the thousands using Handsome Checkout, One Click Upsells is the perfect companion. You’re already offering pre purchase upsells with our Order Bump technology. Post purchase upsells are the next logical step.
Works With These Plugins:
Payment Gateways
Page Builders
Famous Plugins
Tracking Tools
Francisco C.
Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
“We have some promotions with almost a 44% increase!”
“We saw an average 20% increase in sales value. We have some promotions with almost a 44% increase! Funnel creation is intuitive and very easy to work. It’s so far the best support with unlimited flexibility.”
Even More Profit Boosting Features
Translation Is Built In
Translate all text lines to your customer’s language
No Coding Required
Building your funnel is as simple as point and click.
Designed for Conversion
Our plugins are battle tested so you can focus on growing your business.
Works with Any Theme
One Click Upsells funnels will work with any Wordpress theme.
You Make Money Or You Don't Pay.

It's simple. If you're not generating extra revenue with One Click Upsells,
we don't deserve your business and you should cancel.

In fact, if One Click Upsells doesn't pay for itself in the first 30 days or you're unhappy for any reason, just let us know and we'll issue you a full refund and cancel your account with us. This means you get an entire month to put it to the test. You risk nothing. Cancel anytime.

Use on 2 sites (not just 1)
All features included
Unlimited upsells & downsells
All updates and premium support
Billed annually
Use on 10 sites (not just 5)
All features included
Unlimited upsells & downsells
All updates and premium support
Billed annually
Use on UNLIMITED sites
All features included
Unlimited upsells & downsells
All updates and premium support
Billed annually

You Are 100% Protected By Our No Risk Money Back Guarantee.

What Other WooCommerce Store Owners
Are Saying...
“Takes one or two sales to cover the cost...“
“One Click Upsells only takes one or two sales to cover the cost of the plugin, and if you take 10 minutes to set it up, you'll be getting a lot more than one or two extra sales a month. If you're selling a product online, this plugin WILL increase your profits. The people behind it will make sure of that.
Jake Andersen Hobo Hammocks
“Sales jumped over 100%...“
“Our sales jumped over 100% as soon as we started using Handsome Checkout and One Click Upsells. Total game changer for our business.“
Rudy Mawer Elite Sports Nutritionist and Trainer
“10% increase in checkout totals.“
“We've tried several products that claim to provide true 'one click' upsells but all were lacking in function. Unlike others this plugin works right out of the box. We've seen a 10% increase in checkout totals. We've also been able to unload products that have been difficult to sell. It has been invaluable.“
Rachel Reese Search Bank (SBSS)
“Extremely easy to setup.“
“Extremely easy to setup. It only took a couple of minutes after installing. Everything has been great and smooth. Support has been excellent!”
David Olivares Shockdav Production
“We installed the plugin, set up two upsells for two different products and it was amazing to see the sales increase. We had about 25% of our customers taking our upsells! This helped boost our monthly revenue substantially. Just having the ability to put beautiful, functional one time offers in front of a customer that just purchased is priceless.”
Sterling Chase Chase Bros.
“Support is some of the best in the WooCommerce industry.“
“One Click Upsells has improved our overall conversions by 13%, constantly, week after week. And the support is some of the best in the WooCommerce industry.”
Milosh Nikodijevic Golden Hippo Media
Does this work with other shopping carts?
What happens if my customer leaves during one of the upsells or downsells and doesn't reach the "Thank You Page"?
What payment gateways do you support?
How is this different from other products that show similar product during checkout?
Is shipping calculated on the upsells?
I'm using your Order Bump feature with Handsome Checkout to offer upsells on the checkout page. Do I really need One Click Upsells? Isn't that duplicating efforts?