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Easy One Click Upsell Setup to Optimize Your WooCommerce Funnel


Every eCommerce business owner is looking to increase sales. From complex marketing strategies to conversion rate optimization & other on-site improvements, many online store owners focus on earning more customers for their shop. However, they forget one simple thing – the easiest sale to make is to someone already buying!

Upselling involves selling an upgrade or additional product to someone who has already bought something from you. As part of the post-checkout process, creating a one-click upsell offer makes it easy to increase your average sale, resulting in more profit for you.

In the following guide, we’ll go over how you can use the One Click Upsells plugin from BogdanFix to create an upselling funnel that will increase sales in just a few minutes.

Picking The Perfect Upsell

Before you begin creating your upselling funnel, it’s important that you know what you’re making so that the rest of the steps are easier. After all, if you create an offer that doesn’t make sense, it won’t sell well!

When crafting the perfect upsell, consider these offer types that we’ve found to be most effective:

Buy One, Get One Discounts – Selling more products is always going to be the best course of action for your eCommerce business. The more you sell, the more profit you’ll make from those sweet, sweet margins. However, if people wanted more than one product at the regular price, they would have ordered more!

A great upsell opportunity is offering a discount on a copy of the same product. People love to feel like they’re getting a deal, and as long as you’re smart about your discounts (not eating too far into your margins), you can increase profits easily with each additional upsell.

For the best success, use B1G1 discounts on things that work well in sets & pairs or get used up. Family products like hammocks & consumables like soaps or shampoos are good examples of these type of products.

Complementary Products – One of the best ways to upsell is providing something that the customer didn’t think they needed until you offered it to them. Did they order a hoodie? Offer them matching sweatpants! If they bought an electronic, sell them a cable that works with it. Combining convenient, complementary products with discounts for “bundle buys” lets you sell more – and your customers may even appreciate the reminder!

Speed Things Up – Here’s a fact: nobody likes waiting for online orders to be delivered. There’s a reason Amazon’s 2-day shipping is so popular – we’re in an age of instant gratification. This leaves the perfect opportunity for you to upsell (or in this case, order bump) by upgrading the shipping of an order.

Shipping is a pre-checkout process, so rather than One Click Upsells you would want to use Handsome Checkout’s “Order Bump” feature. With it you can offer expedited shipping for a specific price, upgrade it automatically once they reach a total cart value, or a variety of other upgrades.

Creating the Funnel

One Click Upsells allows you to make use of multiple funnels & offers at any given time, so creating your new funnel is the first step. Simply navigate to WooCommerce and then choose “One Click Upsells” to reach the plugin’s dashboard.

From here, you can see any existing funnels on your site as well as tabs for settings, shortcodes, and more. You probably won’t need them to start, so skip them for now. The tab we’re interested in is “Create Checkout Funnel” which – you guessed it – creates our new WooCommerce checkout funnel.

On the creation page, you’ll be greeted with a form that provides your choices for creating your funnel. You’ll name the funnel based on what it does so you can easily identify it from the dashboard. We’ll use “B1G1 50 OFF Hoodie” (signifying buy a hoodie, get one for 50% off) for this example.

The next choice is picking what triggers the funnel to activate. You can choose a broader range like an entire product category (such as “Hoodies”), a specific product only (Hoodie #1), a total price range (between $1-100), or a variety of other options to act as the trigger depending on your needs. For this example, we’ll use the product category “Hoodies”.

Apply WooCommerce Upsells to One or Several Product Categories

Adding The Upsell Offer

Once you’ve figured out what you plan to offer, you’ll need to create the offer inside the funnel you’ve created. This is conveniently right below the funnel settings, so it’s easy to find.

Note that you can add multiple offers to the same funnel trigger if you plan to string offers together (for example, if they say no to 50% off, offer 75% off). We won’t be using it for this basic guide, but it’s an incredibly useful tool once you get used to the One Click Upsells plugin.

First, click the “add new offer” button to create a new offer for us to customize. You’ll see the default settings that tell the offer where to link the buyer to & how to proceed depending on if they buy or not. Here you can choose to send them to an order confirmation page or pass them onto your next offer by choosing it from the dropdown (if using multiple offers). We’re only creating one for this example, so we’ll leave the settings at default.

You can also choose to cancel the initial order if they accept the offer, which is useful for offering upgrades that may not have converted as order bumps pre-checkout. However, in many cases you will leave this unchecked & move onto the “product options” section.

Depending on what kind of offer you’ve chosen to create, the “product options” section is where you’ll choose the product that is involved in the offer. You can use the search to find any product in your store easily, and selecting it will apply the product to the offer (shown by the gray label in the box) and into the cart display below. For this example, we’ll use a standard Woo Hoodie.

select upsell product for woocommerce funnel

Once you’ve chosen the product, move below to the “Product Options” section. This is where you’ll add the specific discounts or benefits of your offer. You can choose the percentage of the regular price to charge (75% for 25% off, 50% for 50% off, etc.), the quantity of products you’re offering (usually 1), how you want to handle shipping charges (free, flat rate, or piggybacking off of the original order), and the rate (if flat rate, or 0.00 for free).

For our example, we’ll be offering 50% off (50% in the price box) a single hoodie (1 in quantity) with free shipping (“free” selected in the dropdown), and a rate of $0.00 (free shipping).

custom upsell discounted price woocommerce

Below the product options are extra settings for creating a tracking code, though you likely won’t use this feature because One Click Upsells already tracks how customers respond on the dashboard.

You’ll also find the “Skip Offer” option which allows you to skip this offer if someone places an order for the same product you’re offering. In our case, checking the box would skip this offer if they already were buying a Woo Hoodie. You won’t use this often because buying 2 of the same products is a good thing, but it’s there for advanced users.

The final option allows the customer to raise or lower the quantity of the offer on the offer page. For example, checking this would allow a customer to buy 1, 2, or 5 more hoodies at 50% off – which we may or may not want to offer depending on our margins. For now, we’ll leave it disabled.

The Result

Now that we’ve got our funnel setup & our offer configured, we’re ready to test it out. Click the big blue “save changes” button at the bottom of the screen to return to the dashboard where you should see your funnel.

On the right side are the options to change or delete it, while to the left of that are statistics about its effectiveness as an upsell. However, on the left side we can test that the offer works.

After clicking “quick test”, you’ll be brought to the cart with a valid product waiting for you. Click “proceed to checkout” in the bottom right corner to reach the checkout page. Here you can simulate a purchase by checking out (ideally with test mode enabled) so that the offer is triggered.

woocommerce upsell downsell offer page

After placing your order, you’ll be greeted by the “special offer” page where you can choose to add the upsell to your purchase or refuse it.

As you can see, our discount is working (50% off of $42.00)! Once you click either button, you’ll be taken to the order summary. Congratulations, you’re ready to begin upselling & increasing your revenue!

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