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7 Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins to Increase Sales


You have always wanted to start your own business, but the costs have been prohibitive. Finally, you stumbled onto the world of dropshipping. With no overhead costs or storage fees, it’s easy to get started with a dropshipping business. You just need to set up a WooCommerce site and add the right plug-ins to make sales. The best WooCommerce dropshipping plug-ins will help you build a solid sales funnel and increase your revenue.

1. Handsome Checkout for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Checkout Form Sales Page
With Embed Forms feature Handsome Checkout you can create ClickFunnels-like checkout pages in your WordPress.

It’s essential that you set up your sales funnel properly, and the Handsome Checkout for WooCommerce can help. The plug-in’s Embed Forms tool allows you to turn any page into a sales page. You have complete control with this tool and can even replace the default WooCommerce checkout page.

Many people use the plug-in to create a lead magnet, send people to a page with videos and multiple offers (such as Tripwire), and then direct visitors to the main offer. Others use the plug-in to send people from the sales page directly to the checkout page. With so many customization options, you have full control over your funnel with this plug-in.

2. One Click Upsells for WooCommerce

With One Click Upsells you can increase the revenue by offering 1 click upsells and downsells to your products, after customer makes a purchase.

If your dropshipping business is leaking money, it’s time to install the One Click Upsells for WooCommerce plug-in. The funnel builder allows you to add upsells and downsells to the checkout process. You can customize offers and track everything with the plug-in. It works with Handsome Checkout so consider using both to maximize your dropshipping sales.

3. MetaSlider

Slider to Increase Sales

Many of your customers are visual by nature, and they want to see gorgeous photos and videos of your products. The MetaSlider WooCommerce plug-in allows you to create photo and video slideshows of all the products you offer. This will help you make even more money in dropshipping sales.

4. WooCommerce Live Sales Notification

Social proof is essential in any industry, and the WooCommerce Live Sales Notification plug-in will help you provide it. This plug-in creates pop-ups that notify website visitors of recent sales. This creates a sense of urgency and helps build trust with your market.

5. Yotpo Social Reviews for WooCommerce

You can also build social proof by gathering reviews. Yotpo Social Reviews for WooCommerce is one of the best WooCommerce dropshipping plug-ins for this task. The plug-in sends emails requesting reviews after customers make a purchase. Then, the plug-in displays the reviews on your website, adding credibility to your dropshipping business. You can also connect your social networks to the app so your followers will know when a new review appears.

6. Refer a Friend for WooCommerce Premium

Refer a Friend for WooCommerce Premium is also one of the best WooCommerce dropshipping plug-ins. This plug-in allows you to offer incentives to your customers who refer friends. You can use the plug-in to provide coupons, discounts, and free products, and even offer a discount to referrals who visit your site and buy a product. Word-of-mouth advertising is a very powerful tool, so include this in your marketing campaign to get more sales.

7. Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

The online shopping cart abandonment rate is close to 70 percent. Get some of those shoppers back with the Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce plug-in. This plug-in automatically sends email notifications to visitors who abandon their shopping carts on your website. Businesses recover as much as 30 percent of lost revenue with the help of this plug-in, so it’s definitely worth using.

Create the Perfect Funnel With WooCommerce Plug-ins

Each plug-in plays an important role in creating a purchase funnel. Start the process by creating sales pages with Handsome Checkout for WooCommerce and then offer upsells with One Click Upsells for WooCommerce. Continue down the list until you have a powerful purchase funnel that will provide results for your dropshipping business.

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