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Grow Your Sales by Implementing LearnDash Purchase as a Gift Feature


Creating a business isn’t a duck soup. But marketing it and finally realizing sales is another hurdle altogether. However, technological advancements have provided ways to make the entire process easier, right from business creation to marketing. All you need is a pointer in the right direction and you’re good to go.

Take, for instance, the LearnDash LMS WordPress plugin that provides you with simplified ways to create educational websites. With this plugin, you can build an online courses business without breaking much sweat.

Grow Your Sales by Implementing LearnDash Purchase as a Gift Feature

However, after spending much time creating the courses, doing the recordings, editing, and having your finished product, what next? Reaching out to your target audience and receiving payments, of course.

That too isn’t a brainteaser.

However, with LearnDash Purchase Gift tool, you can make sales and increase your customer base without breaking the bank.

What is LearnDash Purchase as a Gift Feature?

It’s a new WordPress plugin for LearnDash LMS and WooCommerce that makes it easier for you to buy courses as digital gifts for friends, family, or potential customers. Awesome, right?

The plugin, called “LearnDash Gift a Course”, allows you to gift courses to anyone, anywhere. Even better is that the plugin simplifies the sharing process, and it’s pretty user-friendly. There are no hustles of complex steps nor lengthy and energy-draining procedures.

Additionally, it’s a great way to showcase what your course is about as a way to capture your target audience, leaving them constantly looking forward to more. In most cases, customers develop cold feet when they’re not sure about what’s in the package. But because LearnDash Gift a Course allows you to share strategic highlights and gift someone, in the end, it’ll be easier for you to convert potential customers after they’ve had a taste of what you offer.

Advantages of the Gift a LearnDash Course

  1. No Complex Registration Forms, Making It Easy to Gift Courses

The shared courses are entirely easy to download, ensuring whoever is receiving the product is not challenged. With such a demanding business, you wouldn’t want anything that’d take so much of your time or that of your clients. And that’s why Gift a LearnDash course comes in handy.

  1. The User-Friendly Layout Is Easy to Understand.

It will be a disservice if your potential client is discouraged by a flawless user experience and complex processes. Gift a LearnDash course sports a beautiful, simple, and straightforward interface that makes it easier for your customers to choose courses and gift them out without much hassle.

  1. You Can Schedule the Digital Gifts for Special Days or Occasions

Is there a birthday, an anniversary, or a graduation of a special one, yet you’ve got no idea what to gift them? Try surprising them with a course on that one thing they’ve always wanted to learn or something unique like a new language.

Ideas for Using LearnDash Gift A Course to Increase Sales:

No matter what field you are in, you can always find creative ways to use the LearnDash Purchase as Gift Feature to take your business to the next level. This plugin has a wide array of capabilities to help you grow your business even during tough economic times.

Below is a list of things you can do with your LearnDash Purchase as a Gift feature to boost your sales and help your business stand out from your competition:

Gift Potential Customers A Mini-Course 

You can create quality excerpts of your main courses to share with your target audience. In this way, you have a clear avenue of marketing the main course. That means you can arouse their curiosity or elicit their urge to learn, making them want to buy the whole program. It’s like inviting people to a candy party by dishing out a few pieces of candy.

You could be a chef, a tutor, or a professional. Whatever the case, LearnDash Purchase as Gift Feature can help you introduce your potential clients to your masterclasses. Take, for instance, as a chef giving your clients a taste of your classic recipes to have them seek more of what they’ve experienced. Before you know it, you shall have established a robust customer base, a feat that could’ve otherwise been a tall order without the tool.

Buy Courses for Potential Clients on The Importance of Your Products

Let’s say you’re running a furniture or baby product business. You can use the LearnDash Purchase as a Gift Feature to buy courses that teach on benefits of using your products.

For instance, working in the furniture business, you could gift a given company a course on the benefits of using ergonomic furniture. They say knowledge is power. When potential customers learn how your products can influence their business positively, they’ll most likely convert.

If you’re in the baby products business, you can share, say, with new mothers, courses that teach them the importance of certain baby products. A parent would go to great lengths to ensure that their child gets the best to help them grow healthy.

Gift A Course That Teaches Skills That Will Use Your Products

An exceptional idea for you if you’re looking forward to selling products that require specific skills is by gifting people courses that help them develop the relevant skills. The course could be on a hobby that someone would pick after learning or maybe even family games. Gift this kind of course to clients, or even family and friends, and watch it turn into business.

It could be a course on health and fitness, playing a musical instrument, or a simple family game. These are just some of the few examples. Just know the right strings to pull and see your business flourish.

In summary, the LearnDash Purchase a Gift tool is an impressive plugin for growing your sales. The process is simple and considerably easy for anyone to use. You can use it to promote typically every kind of business, including educational content or physical products. The best part is that you get to be proactive with the marketing process.

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