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WooCommerce Upsells: Quick Start Guide


If you’ve ever been to a fast food restaurant or bought something online, you’ve probably been upsold. Upgrading the medium fry to large for just $1 more or getting a trial of a product along with your online purchase are examples of upselling – a method of increasing sales for businesses. You’re happy with your extra fries and they earned more in sales – everyone wins. That’s successful business!

WooCommerce Upsells: Quick Start Guide

Upselling is a marketing strategy that involves increasing how much customers spend at your store by offering discounts, deals, and other promotions after a purchase is already made. Unlike sales and other sales promotions, you’re not trying to convince them to open up their wallet – they’ve already paid, you’re just trying to sweeten the deal a little bit.

When you use WooCommerce One Click Upsells, you’re making it incredibly easy for the buyer to take advantage of your offer. They don’t even have to reenter their payment information – their click adjusts the parent order or places a new one with the same information.

If you’re looking to increase your sales, average order value, and overall profits, implementing non-invasive WooCommerce upsells with One Click Upsells is a no-brainer. Keep reading to learn how to start upselling in just a few minutes.

Reach the One Click Upsells Dashboard

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the One Click Upsells plugin in WordPress, you’re ready to get started.

Menu WooCommerce Upsells Quick Start Guide

Navigate to the WooCommerce tab on your WordPress ribbon where you’ll find the One Click Upsells option. Click it to be taken to the dashboard where you can see any funnels you have, their analytics, and the settings for you to tweak (recommended for advanced users only!).

Create Checkout Funnel with One Click Upsells

Click “Create Checkout Funnel” to get to the exciting part – creating your first offer!

Create Your Funnel

The screen where dreams are made, the funnel creation page allows you to begin crafting your funnel. Rather than creating the offer itself, here you’ll outline the logic behind the offer. You’ll choose who should receive it and where it should be applied, ensuring only relevant purchases trigger the upsell.

Funnel Settings

Offering a BOGO sale or want to reward loyal customers with special offers? Choose where your funnel is applied to take control over the offer. You can choose between a variety of criteria, including specific products or categories, returning or new customers, orders over a certain amount, and more.

Simply choose your funnel trigger and set your criteria (the product, category, minimum price, etc.), and you’re ready to begin creating the offer they’re going to be sent. Be sure your triggers are correct though, otherwise nobody will even see your WooCommerce upsell.

Make Your Offer

You’ve ensured your offer gets in front of the right customers, but now is the time to make or break the deal. You need to create an offer that will cause enough FOMO to get the upsell. Click the “add new offer” button to begin tailoring the deal.

Make your first offer

Outside of creating the actual offer, you’ll see some of the customization features that One Click Upsells offers. You can choose a custom page for your offer to appear, which can be customized for each offer to ensure the page matches the product for a more professional look. You can also choose where buyers are redirected after interacting with your offer so they can review the change to the order. Finally, you can choose whether or not a new order will be created, or if the original should be cancelled and adjusted with the upsell attached for easier sales tracking.

Custom One Click Upsells Offer Options

The offer menu allows you to customize your offer with any product from your store by finding it in the search bar at the top of the box. After selecting the product, it’ll appear in the product options box. Here you can specify the discount, quantity, and shipping of the offer.

If you’re doing a BOGO 50% off deal, you would set the price to 50%, lowering the “offer price” automatically. You can also set a flat rate for the product if you’re looking to maintain specific margins.

Product Price, Quantity, Shipping fee

You can set the shipping method and rate in the “product options” as well, choosing free, flat rate, or using the shipping information from the parent order to calculate the additional shipping.

Once you’ve made your first offer, you can add additional offers within the same funnel to precede or follow it. You can increase the discount, offer free shipping instead, or offer something else entirely.

Track Your Upsell Results

Once you’ve crafted an irresistible upsell and saved the funnel, you’re ready to monitor the results. Back at your dashboard, you can see your funnels as well as statistics about each offer. While it is not too in-depth, you’re able to see at a glance what is and isn’t working – information you can use to optimize your offers for better conversions and more sales. You’ll even see how many more sales the upsell has made you!

Tracking offer and funnel stats (accepted, rejected, missed)

Give One Click Upsells a Try

Now that you’ve seen just how simple One Click Upsells is to get started with, it’s time to give it a try yourself. The only way you can truly see the effect it will have on your shop is to get it installed and watch the upsells come in. To make that easier for you, we’re offering a 14-day trial for just $1. Download the plugin, create a funnel, tailor your offer, and see it pay for itself in a single sale.

We’re incredibly confident that our plugins will help you earn more money in your store, which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all subscriptions. If you’re already convinced and would prefer to commit to increasing your average sale value now, an annual membership at a reduced rate is available as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Every sale without an upsell offer is money left on the table. Get One Click Upsell today and start creating highly converting WooCommerce Upsells today.

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