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WooCommerce Upsell: 5 Upselling Techniques You Can Try Out


Since new clients’ acquisition can be much more costly than marketing to current customers, businesses adopt multiple strategies to increase profits and deliver services to their consumers. WooCommerce upsell is among the most effective marketing alternatives available. Upselling helps to understand more about clients and give them a good or service that better suits their expectations and objectives. In this article, you can discover some helpful upselling tactics and tricks that you must try to improve your sales rate.

What is Upselling?

Upselling is a promotional tactic that entails convincing consumers to shop a higher-end model of the item. In simpler terms, upselling tactics are simply part of sales methods where a salesman provides an update or a special product they sell to make a more successful purchase. The purpose of upselling is to maximize overall revenue and provide consumers with choices that may be best tailored to their desires.

It is not just upselling a fantastic strategy to raise one-time sales, but it also lets you create partnerships with your clients that will boost the odds of receiving return orders in the future. Businesses that perform best at upselling are productive at helping consumers imagine the benefit they would get from buying a higher-priced product.

Why Is WooCommerce Upsell Important?

WooCommerce Upsell provides many advantages for businesses, including:

  • It helps companies develop stronger consumer relations.
  • It raises the customer’s lifetime value (CLV)
  • It increases overall revenue.
  • Expands the range of goods and services
  • It products and services can plenty of money and time.
  • It enhances consumer service.
  • Evens the growth of new and old consumers
  • It provides ease and versatility.
  • It strengthens the long-term importance of the business.

5 Proven Tips You Can Try

To maximize incentives, you will need a viable strategy. Here are a few tips that will help you create a good upselling strategy:

  1. Know your customers

WooCommerce upsell doesn’t only have to be a promotional strategy to add to your business, but it’s also making your clients benefit so you can profit too. Knowing the client is among the most critical facets of upselling. When it comes to upselling, knowing your client and their preferences will open new doors for upselling. By acknowledging their desires, expectations, and interests, you’ll be able to supply them with the things they’d like to purchase.

If you know that your customer’s preferences are beforehand, then you can bring the upsell straight into your initial offer, showing them the alternative you’ll have to offer them later.

For example:

Sell five items for $50 lower than their prices individually—your client benefits by saving money. You win, and you make more money by selling stuff the customer probably didn’t intend to purchase.

  1. Be honest with your customers.

When considering an upsell, it is particularly necessary to include detailed pricing information. Be hopeful, but be transparent about your approach. Nobody wants to sound like they’re being tricked into a deal, and something that could be seen as deceptive could wind up losing you a strong consumer relationship.

Give your client a total breakdown of what you are offering and give a detailed description of the costs and schedule included. If a consumer knows where their hard-earned resources are heading, they may feel more secure spending more money on your goods.

  1. Show Relevant products

You may have noted that more e-commerce platforms are offering product recommendations. Centered on what consumers are asking for, related items have been shown. They are categorized as ‘Product Recommendations’ or ‘Customers have looked for,’ and the aim is to get buyers to invest a little more.

The businesses monitor consumer orders and make purchase decisions based on previous orders. If you’ve ever ordered something from Amazon, you’ll find that the company monitors your purchases and offers other related materials depending on whether other customers have already purchased the book.

That is how you can work out what sort of goods can create major upsells:

  • Your most reviewed goods provide social evidence that has been seen to improve sales.
  • Your best-selling goods are just perfect. Customers love the fact that you mix similar items to prove that they are more important to that you will certainly boost the sales of all items in the set. Try creating packages that usually provide a range of goods or services tailored to suit the customer’s desires.
  • Showing insignificant items, irrespective of how many ratings or sales they have, is impossible to sell. Ensure that the items you present are appropriate!

WooCommerce Upsell tool will enable you to use this strategy by offering sophisticated analytics.

  1. Use social proof

Most people want facts to persuade them before they make major, costly buying decisions. That’s the reasoning behind the importance of consumer feedback, after all.

Instead, show other users’ views who often purchase and use the same product/service. That is going to persuade them more than everything you have to tell.

Social proof is a strong, compelling factor — so if you have the tools at your fingertips that indicate the popularity of consumers buying your goods to make your pitch more reliable.

  1. Sense of urgency

Offer a deal that is time-bound. Tell your customers they will profit from the deal in this specific timeframe. Note to price your products carefully and display ones that your customers are most likely to buy.

For example:

If you’re providing an online movie subscription service, you can offer a short ‘Christmas offer’ where rates are lowered for a limited period only. That will allow them to sign up.


Having clients to engage more in your company doesn’t have to be a problem. Don’t overlook the chance to upsell your new customers. It could be one of the best ways to raise sales and expand your company. Although upselling can be difficult, implementing tips and using a good upsell tool, e.g., The WooCommerce Upsell Tool means you’re more likely to draw more customers.

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