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WooCommerce Checkout Addons That Are Worth Your Money


As online business owners, we’re constantly looking to increase sales, improve conversions, and overall raise revenue. Just about everyone knows how important a functioning, good-looking site is these days, but most of the emphasis is put on the beginning of the sale. This includes marketing campaigns to bring customers in, dazzling landing pages to keep their attention, and using FOMO (fear of missing out) to convert them from a visitor to a customer. But when it comes time to collect the money for all your hard work, you’re left empty handed.

Seamless Checkout – The Key to Maximizing Profit

If you’ve ever tried to buy something online but the checkout system was confusing, asked for too much information, or took forever to complete, chances are you started to reconsider your purchase. With the average online attention span only lasting about 8 seconds (Cision.com), wasting time on checkout (arguably the most important page on your site) could kill the sale altogether.

Online shopping is all about convenience and impulse – after all, the world is available to you with just a few clicks. With all the money we spend on getting customers onto our sites, you may think the landing page would be the most important part of your site. However, even if you have the best landing page & conversion funnel ever created, they still need to checkout for you to get paid.

Smart Insights estimates that about 27% of carts are abandoned at checkout because the process takes too long or is overly complicated. Think about that – your sales could rise by more than 25% just by simplifying your checkout! To make it even better, you can optimize your checkout, upsell to increase revenue, and retain abandoned carts with as few as ONE add-on for WooCommerce.

Below are some of the best plugins & add-ons to implement on your WordPress WooCommerce checkout page to increase revenue.

Top 6 WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons

Handsome Checkout Plugin

woocommerce handsome checkout templates library
The library of templates included into Handsome Checkout.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one suite of features in a single plugin, our Handsome Checkout plugin should provide just about everything you need to maximize your sales. Cart abandonment, upselling, checkout simplification, and more are all simple to use for all levels of WordPress experience.

Handsome Checkout includes:

Embeddable checkout forms allow you to turn any page into a selling point – save time and increase the odds of completing the sale. This works on landing pages, individual product pages, and more.

Multiproduct checkout shows the customer’s cart in a simple format, and combining it with our Quantity & Variations tool makes it easy to change or upgrade an order without needing to return to the product page.

Order bump makes upselling & special offers easy to add on at checkout, increasing your average sale and bringing more money in over time.

Cart abandonment tracking gives you insights as to why someone left your site just in case tax, shipping, or something else turns them away. This way you can send them a special offer to close the deal.


  • Includes multiple tools in a single plugin
  • Works with any theme
  • Can be customized or used as is

WooCommerce One Page Checkout

One Page Checkout Products Selection Fields
It allows you to change the contents of your cart right on the checkout page. But has no options to customize the design.

It’s no secret that the less time it takes to make a purchase, the easier it is to make an impulse sale. Going from the product to the cart to the checkout is one step too many, which can cost you precious seconds of the customer’s attention span.

With the One Page Checkout tool from ProsPress, you can add a product selection or checkout form to just about any page. It includes templates for subscriptions, single products, dynamic offers, and more. This means you can have checkout on the same page as the product people are buying, or you can combine the cart & checkout pages to eliminate a step out of the buying process.


  • Less navigating, more sales
  • Newbie AND developer-friendly

Digital Goods Checkout

If you’re offering digital downloads or products, you probably don’t need the customer’s entire shipping address. In fact, some customers may refuse to provide the information and you’ll lose the sale entirely.

To combat this, you can use the Digital Goods Checkout plugin to customize the checkout process for your customers, allowing them to only provide basic information like their email. This not only speeds up the checkout process, but also to eliminates the chances of losing a sale to an overly private customer.


  • Incredibly cheap to buy
  • Simple to install
  • A must-have for digital sales

Checkout Field Editor

If you’re a business that sells a wide variety of products online (such as a combo of services, products, and digital goods), chances are that the standard WooCommerce checkout doesn’t cover all the information you need. You may offer gift wrapping, custom messages, or other unique offers as upsells at check out. You also don’t want to ask for unnecessary information like an address for a digital purchase, so only asking for the least information possible is ideal for converting a sale.

The Checkout Field Editor plugin from ThemeHigh lets you create your own custom checkout form, full of a variety of fields to choose from. You can choose from date selectors, dropdowns, longform text, multi-select, and more that can be placed anywhere on your checkout page with custom section creation. You can also make fields conditional, so you’ll only be prompted for a special message if you tick the “gift” box.


  • Wide array of customization options
  • Affordable licenses
  • Great plugin compatibility

Multi-Step Checkout

Loading up the checkout page and seeing a long form can be intimidating for customers. While it may require a few more clicks, you can add steps to make each section a little more digestible for the customer with a Multi-Step Checkout addon.

This plugin breaks the process down into a few different steps (shipping, payment, confirmation, etc.) so that the customer is less likely to be overwhelmed. This helps reduce cart abandonment and can let you know which step they stopped at – letting you know what follow-up offer to provide them to try to recover the sale.


  • Very simple to use
  • Works with multiple other checkout improvements

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Plugin

WooCommerce Boost Sales Plugin
One of the features here is to show pre-purchase upsells in a form of suggestions.

More sales means more money, and one of the best ways to increase your sales is to provide special offers that encourage people to buy more or upgrade their selection. Villa Theme’s Upsells & Cross Sells plugin lets you do just that throughout your site.

With this plugin you can increase your average sale by providing offers that the customer simply can’t refuse. Whether you sell sets of items and want to offer a bundle discount, want to provide a free month onto your subscriptions for yearly purchases, or provide any other kind of special offer, upselling & cross selling can help convince buyers to spend more, earning you more money in the long run.


  • Works on products pages or checkout
  • Increases sales with FOMO
  • Wide array of ways to upsell/cross sell
  • Beginner friendly

In the end, it’s crucial to your business’s success that you use some form of checkout addon to improve your checkout efficiency & overall conversion rate. Whether you decide to choose the Handsome Checkout suite of tools or just want to pick & choose a few plugins from this list, you’ll be taking steps towards a better customer experience that will pay you back in the long run.

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