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WooCommerce: Assign Guest Order to Existing Account by Billing Email


For example, you are looking for ways to make checkout process even easier and less stressful for your customers. This solution could help remove the stress of login/registration process completely.

When your customer makes the order for the first time, you can configure WooCommerce to generate login & password automatically for him.

Assign Guest Order to Existing Account by Billing Email

When this customer comes back for another order, by default WooCommerce will force him to login to his existing account generated before. But this adds a lot of hassle to the checkout process, because nobody ever remembers their passwords (if only they didn’t save it in browser). So your customer will have to spend like extra 10-15 minutes resetting his password, logging in and etc.

Alternatively, you can add this geniusly simple snippet of code to the functions.php file of your theme. It will fix 2 issues at once:

a) it will remove the requirement to login at checkout, if account is already registered with that billing email

b) it will assign the order to that account by email, if it already exists


If you want to further improve your WooCommerce checkout for higher conversions, please take a look at our Handsome Checkout for WooCommerce.

It has beautiful battle-tested checkout templates and some cool features to quickly create & customize your WooCommerce checkout. And it has Order Bumps ! 🙂

You can also check out the short videos guides we have showcasing Handsome Checkout.

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