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How to Win Your Customers for Life with a Thank You Page


Owning and operating an eCommerce business is an incredibly complicated job to perform. You’ve got a catalogue of solid products, a beautiful website, a better WooCommerce checkout, and a comprehensive marketing approach, but you’re still not seeing any returning customers. This has caused your customer acquisition costs to become too high so you need to find a way to get those one-time buyers back for more.

How to Win Your Customers for Life with a Thank You Page

What if there was a way to increase customer loyalty and improve customer retention for FREE? Would you implement it today? Of course, you would – and that’s what “thank you” page optimization allows you to do.

Keep reading to learn some ways to improve the customer-business relationship for your online store.

Get Personal

As an online business, there is a certain disconnect between customers and your brand. Shopping online is different from shopping in person – there’s no face to put to the company and in many cases, no interaction at all unless something goes wrong. This lack of connection helps to contribute to a less personal relationship, which can hurt the brand loyalty of your customer. However, you don’ have to be a faceless entity thanks to your “thank you” page.

Whether you have a unique story about why you started the business or just want to humanize the transaction, creating a “thank you” page that sheds a little bit more light on your business can go a long way towards retention. Let your customers know that you appreciate their business, provide some backstory, a biography of yourself (if you’re part of the products sold), and even a picture of yourself to help connect with them. You can also provide contact information on the page if they have any questions or concerns – an act that tells them you’re willing to help them if needed.

Make a Returning Customer Offer

If you managed to secure a sale from a customer, there’s a good chance that they’re interested in your niche or products offered. Whether you sell something consumable or semi-permanent, you never know when that buyer may be back in the market for a refill or to buy a gift. When that happens, you want to be the first business on their mind to visit – and returning customer offers help solidify your role.

On your “thank you” page, it never hurts to include some kind of incentive for them to order again in the future. While it’s great for your business to get return customers, it also reflects well on your brand because it shows that you value customers & want to keep them for life, so you’re willing to provide a discount or special offer if they choose you next time.

Provide Relevant Resources

Great customer service breeds customer loyalty, and there’s few forms of customer service that make a bigger impact than post-purchase support. For businesses who sell items that need to be assembled or installed, or those offering downloads for software, it can be incredibly helpful to your customers to give them some insight into their purchase. This can come in a variety of forms, including installation guides, download instructions, guides on use, and more.

By including additional information to the buyer post-sale, you’re showing that their purchase is valuable enough to you that you’re willing to offer more even without them spending more money. Customers like to be seen as more than a form of income, and going out of your way to provide additional information is a great way to show their value to your business.


Don’t feel like waiting until their next order to provide a returning customer offer? Provide an upsell opportunity instead! With One Click Upsells for WooCommerce, you can begin setting up effective upselling funnels that capitalize on a willing buyer, providing opportunities for them to get a great deal.

Upselling allows you to create special bundles, promotions, and other offers based on what your customer purchased. This can be a bundle of commonly sold items – 3 collectibles from the same set, a toy with batteries and add-ons, etc. – or just a buy one, get one deal so that they can gift one to a friend. No matter how you sell it, upselling provides another opportunity for you to increase the deal that your customers feel they are getting, which helps the offer seem more exclusive and their business seem more valued. Plus, you increase your average sale value for more profit.

Plug Your Social Media and Newsletter

Creating a community of customers and fans is not only great for increasing your advertising reach, it also helps to instill a sense of community along with your brand. Social media marketing is a huge market for online businesses, so providing easy links to your social media accounts as well as something simple like “join our community” or “stay in touch” can help encourage organic growth for your brand’s following. Once you’ve got them on your page, you can then reward their involvement with special discounts, coupons, and promos through the social media platforms you advertised.

You can implement a similar approach to social media marketing with email marketing. Advertising your newsletter on the “thank you” page allows the customer to feel as though they are getting unique, special offers from your emails that reward their registration & involvement. It may seem small, but there’s virtually no downside – you get more subscribers, they join your community & reap the benefits.

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves to feel important, and using your “thank you” page effectively can be a great way for you to add a little bit of personality to a relatively boring sales process. By providing opportunities for customers to earn special offers, learn more about your business, or better understand their purchase, you’re making yourself more than just a vendor – you become a trusted resource and the first business that comes to mind when they think of your industry.

Put the tips we’ve outlined above in place today to start reaping the benefits of customer retention tomorrow.

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