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Why You Need a WooCommerce Cross Sell Plugin


Online business is a hard industry to be in. With so many stores just a few clicks away, you need to make the most out of every sale that you get. That means finding ways to earn more money per customer short-term so that you can spend more to increase your traffic and grow your business in the long term.

Why You Need a WooCommerce Cross Sell Plugin

When it comes to increasing sales, there are few ways more cost-effective than upselling and cross selling. While upselling should be well-known to you by now, cross selling is a bit different. However, to make the most of your sales, you need to master both.

In the following piece, we’ll tell you why you need to implement cross selling on your store, and why One Click Upsells is the WooCommerce cross sell plugin for you.

What is Cross-Selling?

Cross selling is similar to the more common term upselling, where you attempt to get your customers to upgrade their purchase to something more expensive. However, there are more ways to increase your sales income than just upgrading the quality or quantity of the order – they can also buy MORE items at once with effective cross selling.

Cross selling involves selling complementary products to the existing purchase before or after checkout. They can upgrade the existing product (downloadable content for video games), work with the purchase (a computer monitor along with a PC), or complete a set/collection (bundling all the action figures in a set).

No matter what industry you operate in, everyone can take advantage of cross selling in their online store.

Benefits of Cross Selling

Cross selling is just one of many ways to increase revenue at your online store. However, cross selling (along with other upselling methods) are forgotten about more than they should be. In a constant quest to increase sales, a WooCommerce cross sell plugin can be your perfect companion.

More Sales

When it comes down to it, sales are everything. Without selling more product, you can’t earn more money, grow your business, or even stay in business. To put it simply, without sales, your business doesn’t exist.

Cross selling is one of the best ways to increase your sales storewide. As part of a cross sale, you are making a customized offer to your customer. Based on what they have already expressed interest in, you’re offering more products for them to consider. If your offer is good enough, they may just accept the offer, increasing the value of that customer and the value of your sale. This allows you to spend more on acquiring customers to expand your customer base because your average sale goes up, so you can spend more to earn those sales. If the customer declines your offer, there’s no harm. It is a win-win!

Unlike upselling, cross selling also offers the opportunity to increase sales on your less popular products. When you provide a bundle or set as a cross sell, you’re able to increase the exposure that the products you’ve chosen receive. This can be a great way for you to clear out inventory for non-sellers, or get it in front of more customers so they’re more likely to buy it. It certainly helps that your cross selling offer will be at a discount – there’s no better time to buy than when something is on sale!

Happier Customers

While cross selling is incredibly important for you as a business, it is also valuable to your customers. Where you may see more sales at the end of the day, your customer sees an increase in the value of their purchase. When you provide discounts on cross selling offers, your customer will be happy to have saved money – even if they didn’t intend to spend that much to start with.

To make it even better, cross selling also benefits the customer because it allows them to make more informed purchases. Whether someone is trying out your products for the first time, buying them for a gift, or anything in between, they may not know exactly what they want. Does this toy need batteries? Is there a membership required to use the product or service? What other models are part of the collection?

With your customized cross selling offer, you’re providing them with valuable information about complementary products, prompting them to research it themselves or simply take your word for it and enjoy the discount plus your help.

As long as your offers are relevant, non-invasive, and provide value to the customer, there is almost no downside to cross selling. Even if they are upset, post-sale cross selling means you already have their initial order, so it’s much harder to lose that than a sale that hasn’t happened yet.

One Click Upsells – Your WooCommerce Cross Sell Plugin

As you’re now aware, cross selling is a no-brainer for your online business. When done correctly, there is no downside to using it to earn more sales. The only cost is the program you choose, and the time it requires you to invest to get started. Looking to spend as little as possible in both time AND money while reaping the benefits of cross selling?

One Click Upsells makes it affordable for businesses of all sizes to begin implementing cross selling in your stores. One Click Upsells is a WooCommerce cross sell plugin that allows you to create custom funnels and tailor unique offers for your customers after checkout, based on a variety of factors. You can choose between triggers based on the product they have purchased, if they’re new or returning, and even based on where they are buying from.

Once you have created your trigger, One Click Upsells allows you to create an upsell or cross sell offer based on the products in your store. Want to provide a discounted computer mouse with every keyboard purchase? Create an offer that provides your most (or least!) popular mouse at a 20% discount to try to earn more. If they say no, you can trigger a second offer with another mouse, a bigger discount, or a set of speakers. The choice is yours!

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