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Why You Need to Use One Page Checkout for WooCommerce


To be successful in eCommerce, you need to do everything you can to make the most of your website. It is your point of contact, selling point, and point-of-sale all in one, and without it, you’re going to struggle to stay in business.

Why You Need to Use One Page Checkout for WooCommerce
An example of a WooCommerce One Page Checkout flow.

Unfortunately, your website doesn’t allow you to create the same experience that a traditional store does. When people walk through a store, they can take in the sights, smells, and feel of the location – a luxury we don’t have in our online stores. This gives us fewer selling points, but it also simplifies business – if you know what to prioritize.

Where brick and mortar stores take advantage of creating an experience, online stores aim to do the opposite. You want to get your customers on your site, get them to pick something, and pay before they change their mind, get frustrated with your site, or go to your competition. We don’t want to rush them, but instead aim to make the entire process as quick and easy as possible.

If you want to lower your cart abandonment and improve your conversions, implement a one page checkout in WooCommerce that minimizes the time and effort it takes to buy.

Lower Cart Abandonment

There’s a reason that internet speeds are constantly getting faster – people don’t like to wait. As an online business, your greatest asset is speed and convenience. That means your website needs to not only load quickly, but also needs to be easily navigable so customers can spend less time waiting and more time buying. The easiest way to do that? Put it all on one page!

Cart abandonment is when a customer adds a product to their cart or even reaches checkout, but leaves before they complete payment. Even after all your work getting them onto your site, you still lost the sale. But why?

Approximately 76% of online shoppers abandon their carts before making a purchase. Reasons for this include:

  • Navigating takes too long
  • Checkout is too complicated
  • Additional costs are too high
  • Lack of trust for payment
  • … and more

As you can tell, many of these problems occur at checkout. This makes checkout an incredibly important part of the sales process, helping to close sales and reduce cart abandonment.

Better Conversions

In the same vein as a lowered cart abandonment, one page checkout for WooCommerce can also help you close the sale for better conversion rates.

Through the standard eCommerce checkout strategy, you pitch your products to people on the landing page and product pages primarily. If you do a good enough job of that, they will then add it to their cart, head to the cart page, then to checkout to complete the sale.

However, all that time spent navigating is time that could be spent pushing an upsell or providing further reasons to buy. Instead, they’re forgetting about their purchase as they head to checkout and then arrive at the boring standard WooCommerce checkout screen that provides no selling points further convincing to drive home the sale. It’s no wonder so many stores struggle with abandonment and conversions!

One Page Checkout Template for WooCommerce
Another example of One Page Checkout Template for WooCommerce.

How Handsome Checkout Can Help

Overall, using a one page checkout system in WooCommerce makes it easier for you to make sales and earn more money from upselling. It both discourages cart abandonment and provides more tools to close sales (including some upsells) by putting everything that is important in a single location. This simple change can lead to exceptional results – and it only takes a few minutes.

With Handsome Checkout, you have access to templates for checkout forms that can be placed anywhere. That means you can put them immediately on your sales funnel or landing page – the place where you’re selling your product to your customers – so that their purchase is fresh on their mind. It also lets you create custom-tailored embeddable checkout forms and checkout pages that allow you to cut down on the time it takes to go from picking a product to paying.

The templates make it simple for you to add on trust points (testimonials, safety certificates, and more) that help reaffirm the customer’s decision to buy. Choose between popup forms or direct embedding and multiple style options so you can use the best choice for your site. Additionally, it can include cart information and pricing breakdowns, so the customer doesn’t feel mislead and isn’t surprised by the final cost.

Wrap Up

By making it fast and easy to pay by cutting down the steps, you’ll reduce the chances of the cart being abandoned and all your hard work (and marketing budget) going to waste.

Whether you plan to embed the form on your product page or use a single-page website to sell your products, Handsome Checkout makes it simple and easy to expedite the checkout process.

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