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Here Is Why Handsome Checkout Is A Total Game Changer for Your Business In 2020


In the recent past, the rate of cart abandonment has been on the rise. While you’ll get some sales at the end of the day, you can’t avoid this group of shoppers who visit your online store and load their carts with goods only to abandon them before making a purchase. Sadly, they represent a huge portion of your traffic, and this can drain your business. But there’s a way out – Handsome Checkout. 

Here Is Why Handsome Checkout Is A Total Game Changer for Your Business In 2020

Handsome Checkout is a powerful WooCommerce add-on that optimizes your checkout process and reduces shopping cart abandonment. Therefore, if the bigger portion of your traffic adds items to the cart but leave without buying, you need to give it a try.

How Does Handsome Checkout Boost Your Online Store?

You probably have an idea about handsome checkout, but you’re wondering how it can reduce abandoned carts and improve your sales. Like every other person out to minimize cost while maximizing profit, you want to know the value something is adding to your business before giving it a try. 

Here’s why Handsome Checkout is the game-changer for your online shop.

Customers Don’t Need To Create an Account

Customers don’t like it when they have to create an account to make a purchase. That’s one of the main reasons they’ll abandon the cart along the way. While a third of online retailers still require buyers to create an account before completing a purchase, it’s working against their progress and it’s time they realized that. 

You can set your business apart by skipping this step with Handsome Checkout. Instead of forcing your shoppers to create an account before buying, you can present it as an option to be completed later. With Handsome Checkout, shoppers don’t have to fill dozens of fields. Only necessary information is requested during checkout. 

By requiring customers to sign up, you save their information so that it’s easier for them to make purchases in the future. However, presenting this before they buy an item can ruin the sale. So let them buy first through Handsome Checkout, and decide later whether to sign up or not. 

Every Product (or Sales) Page Is a Checkout Page

With Handsome Checkout, you can turn any page into a sales page by embedding a WooCommerce checkout form. Depending on your business needs, you can create one-step or two-step forms and customize everything from colors to the fields shown. There’s no doubt shoppers may not make it to the purchase step if they have to click many pages to get there. Therefore, instead of taking them through those rounds, make sure they can purchase your product as soon as they notice it.

With Handsome Checkout, you don’t have to put extra steps that otherwise act as distractions between a customer’s decision to purchase and finalizing the sale. Since every product page is a checkout page, customers can make a purchase on the same page when your product captures their attention.

Handsome Checkout is Compatible With Mobile Devices

To survive the competition in the online business, your retail website should be optimized for mobile use. With more than 50% of shoppers buying items from the comfort of their mobile devices, there’s no doubt you can make bigger sales with a flawless mobile experience. Customers find it tedious to fill out several fields on small screens of mobile devices. Therefore, if your e-commerce mobile site is poorly-designed, they’ll end up switching to other sites. 

To stay on top of the competition, your retail site should be optimized for mobile and have a mobile-friendly checkout. Luckily, Handsome Checkout was mainly designed for mobile. As such, it’s focuses on giving users an excellent mobile experience. With just a few fields to complete, it’s easier for shoppers to buy items using their mobile devices. 

Therefore, if customers are abandoning carts because they find your e-commerce mobile site complicated, it’s time you try our Handsome Checkout.

Handsome Checkout Boosts Your E-Commerce Funnel

While the checkout page is an essential aspect of an e-commerce funnel, it’s often overlooked. Most of the carts are abandoned at this stage and you don’t want to ignore this. When customers get to your checkout page, they can either proceed to buy from your store or leave without making a purchase and switch to another site. If the process is complicated, a customer may change their mind and abandon the cart even if they were intending to buy.

However, the deal is made good with Handsome Checkout. Handsome Checkout enhances your checkout page by making the process much simpler. It also comes with flexible add-on features such as “skip cart” and “buy now,” allowing you to customize your checkout pages and make them more compelling. 

Keep Track of Abandoned Carts

Not everyone who visits your store will turn into a buyer. Sometimes a customer may just change their mind when they’re at the final step. Of course, that’s frustrating, but it’s part of the business. However, you can still make them come back through regular follow-ups, and it’s all possible with Handsome Checkout. 

Handsome Checkout will tell you who started to make a purchase from your store, what products they wanted to buy, and the quantity they intended to purchase. From there you can automate a follow-up or just download a CSV. In that way, you can keep track of the customers who abandoned their carts along the way, and if possible, convince them to visit your site again and make a purchase.

Try our Handsome Checkout today and see how your sales will go up. And with our growing library of templates, you can replace your default WooCommerce checkout page with a more customized option to lower your cart abandonment rate and compel customers to make purchases. 

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