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Why Gifts Are Important to Your LearnDash + WooCommerce Website


Linking up LearnDash LMS and WooCommerce is one potent tool for anyone looking up to start an educational course business. LearnDash LMS plugin is renowned for course creation and helping the creators manage and sell those courses.

Integrating this system with WooCommerce, a tool that ranks among the best WordPress eCommerce plugins, is a sure way of setting your business for increased sales. WooCommerce offers an array of synergistic benefits to your LearnDash website in marketing and selling your online courses.

Why Gifts Are Important to Your LearnDash + WooCommerce Website

Additionally, LearnDash + WooCommerce websites have what is known as LearnDash WooCommerce gifts. These are digital gifts that one can buy for a loved one or a potential client.

How does LearnDash WooCommerce Gift Work?

The idea is about buying an online course as a digital gift for someone else. The course creator or his/her clients can purchase LearnDash eLearning materials for friends and family for whatever reason.

The process is a simple five-finger exercise as the buyer needs only to give their email address and the recipient’s. The buyer receives an email on payment details while the giftee receives an awesome-looking gift message with the gift link to the course.

Why LearnDash WooCommerce Gifts are Important

First of all, everyone loves gifts. Psychologists and social anxiety experts will outright tell you that presents provide happiness and help alleviate anxiety. Gifts show us that we are cared for and, in the long run, help to build and strengthen relationships.

As a business owner looking to grow sales, you can tap into this open secret and use it to make your business soar to greater heights. That is what LearnDash WooCommerce gifts help you out with – to use the power of giving to help build relationships with your clients, or for your clients to use your course to grow their relationships. The best gift is one that helps to foster genuine relationships.

Here is how this is important to your LearnDash and WooCommerce Website:

Use Mini-Course Gifts to Promote Your LearnDash Website

The internet has a lot of courses jammed up that offer knowledge in various fields. The sheer number of eLearning content on any given topic can confuse many on what to use, making the online course business quite tricky. Most often, people end up having to sift through a lot of ‘not so helpful’ content before they can get what they need.

Using LearnDash WooCommerce gift can help you stand out from the rest by offering a mini-course of your quality and detailed content as a digital gift to your potential buyers. By giving your client a taste of what you have to offer, you can beat competition by proving that your content is worth their time.

Let us say, for instance, that you are into creating online medical courses. Your potential clients, medical students, are longing for something that can give them quick, quality answers to help them understand concepts. A good strategy would be offering your free mini-courses to some medical students as a way of enticing them to the primary content once they get exposed to your quality work.

Allow Customers to Buy Your LearnDash Courses as a digital Gift

As we are all aware, choosing a perfect gift is not duck soup. There is a lot that goes into getting that great gift that impacts positively on the receiver. It takes knowing your giftee and choosing a perfect gift to experience that warmth of giving.

Digital gifts are gaining more popularity as more and more people are shifting from the traditional, and at times, boring physical presents that have become so cliché. Imagine having your website provide people with the avenue of helping them share gifts that not only brings joy but leaves an indelible mark on your client’s relationships.

In this way, you get to increase traffic to your LearnDash WooCommerce website as people use the digital gifts option to bring joy and create memories with their loved ones. A business that has the good of its clients at heart is bound to scale to greater heights.

Help Clients Get Physical Gifts from WooCommerce

Use the enormous potential that WooCommerce offers as a giant eMarketing tool to create giftable online stores for your digital learning courses and, also, for physical learning materials.

The benefit this has to your website is immense since you can do printable mini-courses that are sharable as gifts to your clients.

On the other hand, your customers can buy physical gifts for their loved ones directly linked to your LearnDash online content. In the end, you will realize that you have an impressive way of pulling clients into your business.

Sell Your Products by Teaching People How to Use Them

A great way to use your gift option is by giving people digital gifts on how to use products that you are selling and their importance.

A website selling baby products, for example, would benefit in a big way by helping parents learn how important some of their products are to the growth and development of their babies. A furniture store would benefit from teaching people how their ergonomic products would greatly benefit their clients.


The ease of using the LearnDash WooCommerce gifts makes it all the more worth using. The clients are not troubled with the long and complex processes of making payments or sharing the gift. For the gift recipient, their digital gift is a click away.

In other words, using the gift option in your LearnDash + WooCommerce websites has the potential of creating a great customer base for your business, and in the end, expanding your business exponentially. So hop on and join the best WordPress integration for creating, selling, managing, and gifting online courses.

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