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Understanding How the “Cancel Target Order” Feature Works


In One Click Upsells, when you set up your post purchase offers you’ll notice there’s an option called “Cancel target order?”

Here’s what it looks like: // cancel target order

Let me walk you through what this is and why you might need it.

When this box is checked your customer’s initial order (you know the one that triggered your upsell funnel?) will be cancelled. The payment won’t be captured. 

Here’s why you might want to use it. 

Let’s say you’re selling a one month supply of a health supplement. And for your upsell you’re going to offer a 3 month supply. 

One option you have is to let the customer know that if they take you up on the 3 month supply, you’ll toss in the previous one month bottle for FREE. You won’t process the previous charge if they say yes to this new offer. 

That’s one option.

You might also be offering a bundle where the trigger product is included. So if a customer buys the bundle you have the option of cancelling the first order since the product they just bought is included in the bundle. 

Some of you may never use this feature but I wanted to make sure you understood how it worked in case it’s something you wanted to test.

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