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How to Target Your Upsell Products in WooCommerce


If you haven’t heard by now, upselling is an easy way to earn more sales for your eCommerce store. By creating effective upsell offers and presenting them to your customers before or after checkout, you give yourself the opportunity to sell more than you would have without the offer. This can help to increase your revenue by up to 30% – but only if your upsells work.

How to Target Your Upsell Products in WooCommerce

While building an irresistible WooCommerce upsell offer is a major part of making upselling work for you, it’s not the only step. Your customers need to actually get the offers that are most relevant to them if you want them to buy from you. But how can you ensure that only relevant offers apply to your customers?

When you upsell products on WooCommerce stores, targeting the right customers with the right offers is crucial to your success. Want to reward returning customers? Offer a cheap shipping upgrade or priority service. Want to make sure a new customer comes back for more? Consider a bigger “new customer” discount.

Below are some of the criteria you can use to target your customers, and how to use them to target your upsell products in WooCommerce.

Trigger Methods

One Click Upsells Smart Funnel Triggers
Different funnel triggers we have in our One Click Upsells for WooCommerce extension.

Specific Products

A major benefit of upsell offers for your customers is helping to provide a better value on their purchase. When it comes to setting a funnel trigger based on a specific products, you’re able to tailor the offer to exactly what the buyer may want or need.

Do you have a product that requires specific batteries? You can create an offer that prompts them to add those batteries to the order now, so they don’t run out of juice later. However, if there are different batteries for products in the same category, the buyer won’t receive the wrong recommendation with specific products.

Product Categories

For a broader range of applicable products on your store, you can use WooCommerce’s category system to create offers based on the type of product that was bought. This allows you to recommend complementary products as the upsell offer.

Did they buy a hoodie? Maybe they want your best-selling sweatpants to complete the outfit. Selling individual collectibles from a set? Offer the other parts of the set!

New or Returning Customers

As business owners, we LOVE new customers, but we also ADORE returning customers. However, the right way to approach each with an upsell can vary.

You can sweeten the deal for a new customer in a variety of ways. Provide new customers free or faster shipping, a complimentary welcome gift, or a gift card to use on their next purchase.

For returning customers, ask them to consider upgrading from a single purchase to a subscription at a discount. They still get their product (and at a discount) and you lock in those sales for the whole term. Returning customers may also enjoy shipping upgrades, BOGO deals, or size upgrades.

Order Contents

There is a ton of information about a buyer’s cart that can be used to target your upsell products in WooCommerce. This includes:

Order Total – Want to reward your bigger spenders? Setting a minimum cart value on your upsell triggers it only for larger purchase, allowing you to trigger a free shipping offer (similar to Amazon’s $25 minimum) or a special gift. Alternatively, if you set a maximum price you can provide a different gift that is more relevant to the purchase price or provide a smaller cross sell so you’re not asking them to spend too much more on the offer.

Product Type – If you happen to sell downloadable or digital products, you can use this to sell a physical copy of the same product (or vice versa). You can also offer memberships or subscriptions for other software products you sell to digital buyers because of their low cost to you, adding a way to earn more in sales.

Coupon Usage – Coupons are great for customers, but they can be the bane of an eCommerce business’s existence – especially when your discounts begin stacking. Based on whether your customer used a discount code or not, you can provide a different offer to them that allows you to maintain your margins while still enticing them with discounted offers – just not TOO discounted.

Shipping Location

Depending on the types of products you sell, shipping can be a minimal expense or a big chunk of your profits. If you’re a store that offers free shipping, it costs you much more to send internationally and it’s coming out of your pocket.

However, if your customer happens to be in the same country as you, you can take advantage of lower shipping costs to provide expedited shipping upsells at a discount. They’ll be happier that their order comes faster, and you can pocket the difference.

Using One Click Upsells to Target Your Upsell Products in WooCommerce

When it comes to targeting your offers, more options mean more control over the success of your upselling. That’s why we offer a wide range of criteria to implement your upsell funnels with.

One Click Upsells for WooCommerce offers every trigger you see above – and more. With just a few clicks, you can craft the perfect upsell offer and ensure it gets in front of the ideal customers for improved conversion rates. Pick out specific products to offer in your upsell, edit their price, and even provide shipping choices on the same page.

With One Click Upsells, you’re given the utmost control over the success of your upselling. Craft exceptionally targeted, highly relevant offers, and watch your average sale increase over time.

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