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LearnDash Course Gift Guide for a WooCommerce Website


Gifting is one of the best ways to appreciate someone you care about, be it a friend or family. Over the years, digital gifts have grown in popularity, with LearnDash course gift options featuring conspicuously among educational gifts shared online.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, gifting of courses was already picking up. The pandemic, more or less, provided fodder for gifting of digital educational content to expand like never before, especially because more people were forced to work or learn from home, giving them more time to add more skills to their résumé.

LearnDash Course Gift Guide for a WooCommerce Website

As a result, e-learning companies are getting a year’s worth of registration in a matter of months. The trend isn’t expected to go down, more so now that everything is quite unpredictable. Who knows, maybe another lockdown comes up when we think things are getting better. It’s also expected that some companies won’t call back some of their employees for in-person tasks but will choose to have them continue working from home. That means there will probably be a growing need for more online learning, making digital courses a great choice to show appreciation to someone.

Understanding LearnDash Course Gift and WooCommerce

You may be so new to LearnDash and WooCommerce that you may not understand what they mean. So, let’s start by defining the two.

a. LearnDash 

LearnDash is a Learning Management System (LMS) plugin that works seamlessly with WordPress, the world’s most used Content Management System (CMS). As a result, it’s the most trusted plugin by training institutions, universities, and companies for creating online courses. With LearnDash, you can create, sell, and manage online courses.

b. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that makes it effortless to add eCommerce functionality to your website. Automattic, the company behind WordPress, maintains WooCommerce, which is an open-source plugin. It’s become famous for startups and large-scale enterprises because of its simplicity. The plugin is loved because it’s easy to integrate with LearnDash, making it one of the best ways to add a LearnDash course gift option to your website.

In simple terms, with LearnDash, you can create a course and sell it through WooCommerce. You can do so by using a LearnDash gifting tool to make it easier for users to buy a course and gift it to someone.

When Should You Consider Using LearnDash With WooCommerce?

After understanding the two tools, you might have found out that it’s what you have been missing. Therefore, the next thing you need to know is when to get started.

· If you want total control over the checkout process

· If you need to have full control over the emails your course enrollees receive

· If you sell physical products alongside your courses

· If you’re planning to offer discounts

· If you’re planning to sell course bundles

· If you want to use payment gateways apart from the popular ones; Stripe, PayPal, and 2Checkout

· If you’re planning to increase your online courses and expand your online community.

You might be wondering why you have to sell your gift courses with WooCommerce instead of using LearnDash, which has its payment functionality. Let’s take a quick dive into why you should use WooCommerce with LearnDash.

Reasons to Use LearnDash on WooCommerce

1. WooCommerce Is Best for Making Payments

LearnDash is excellent at delivering gift courses, making it easier for users to create and avail courses for their clients. On the other hand, WooCommerce is widely known for its excellent eCommerce and its unique payment features and anything related to payments, including taxation, discounts, coupons, and many more. LearnDash integration has incorporated the features that both tools are best in, leaving users with a remarkable payment experience. In that way, the user can manipulate the online course site as much as they can.

2. With WooCommerce, You Can Use Any Payment Gateway

Because of its powerful payment flexibility, WooCommerce incorporates a wide variety of payment options. And that’s what you require if you want to capture a large number of clients.

While LearnDash is limited to only two payment gateways – PayPal and Stripe – WooCommerce supports more than 100 payment gateways. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy more flexibility using WooCommerce with LearnDash instead of LeanDash alone, as it provides tons of extensions in the WooCommerce extensions library.

3. Sell Physical Products Alongside Your LearnDash Course Gift Options

WooCommerce allows the user to sell a wide variety of products. Therefore, you may think of how to customize your Learndash course gifts by placing an additional price for t-shirts or hoodies, etc., with the branding of your online school or institution. You may also sell textbooks or learning tools for technical courses, as well as eBooks.

4. Ability to Sell Course Bundles

While the user can sell individual courses, another advantage of using LearnDash on WooCommerce is its flexibility in selling course bundles, meaning selling several courses for a single price. The user has an option to create the bundles using the LearnDash or the WooCommerce extensions. However, WooCommerce extensions are mostly preferred because they offer more flexibility.

5. WooCommerce Powers Automated Enrollments

Unlike other shopping cart solutions, WooCommerce makes selling and enrollment into your LearnDash course gift super easy. The system enrolls students automatically after registering to your site and making payments. The automatic registration reduces the hassle of having to manually check whether individual students have made payments so you can enroll them.

6. With WooCommerce, You Can Create A Custom-Designed Checkout Process

While checking out on LearnDash is limited to only one option of using the LearnDash checkout interface, your checkout process is more flexible with WooCommerce as it is based on your WordPress theme.

WooCommerce provides features which when used, create unique, organized, and simple checkout pages for your LearnDash courses. Moreover, you are free to create checkout pages for different courses.

7. WooCommerce Gives You Full Control Over the Entire Checkout Process

Besides the flexibility in designing your checkout interface, WooCommerce provides total control over every aspect of your checkout process. Therefore, you can manipulate the checkout process as you wish, something that’s not possible with the LearnDash payment system alone.

Pairing LearnDash’s powerful course functionality with WooCommerce’s flexible payment options should become your priority if you’re keen on getting high-end benefits. That’s so because your LearnDash course gift system will only attract more people if the entire process is simple and provides them with a variety of choices.

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