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How to Setup Upsell After Checkout with WooCommerce


Being a successful online business is all about making sales. You work hard to attract customers from the vast market that is the internet, do your best sales pitch to convince them to buy something, and then hope they don’t change their mind halfway through checkout. Once you’ve successfully received the order (and more importantly, their payment!), you may think the courting process is over. However, there’s one highly effective marketing strategy to try after checkout – upselling.

Upselling is a strategy that helps to increase your average sale, earning you more profit. They work so well because you’ve already done the hard part – collected payment information – so the customer is already committed to their purchase. By offering an upsell (basically a special discount offer), you’re giving them a chance to increase the value of their purchase – and your sales.

One Click Upsells makes it incredibly easy for you to create, implement, and track upsell funnels in WordPress to take advantage of FOMO (fear of missing out) after checkout. Below is a guide on making the most of an upsell after checkout on WooCommerce.

Creating an Upsell for After Checkout in WooCommerce

In just a few minutes (and a few quick steps), you can be creating post-checkout upsell funnels that convert. Here’s how:

After navigating to the WooCommerce tab in your WordPress admin area, click the “One Click Upsells” option to be taken to the plugin’s dashboard.

One Click Upsell After Checkout WooCommerce Menu

Upon arriving on the dashboard, you’ll see any funnels you have created (plus their statistics) as well as the “Create a Checkout Funnel” tab. To make a new funnel, we’ll start there.

Create Upsells After Checkout WooCommerce Funnel

When creating a new checkout funnel, you’ll need to choose how you want it to be applied on purchases. While there are many options to choose from, some of the most popular are:

Globally – Applies to all products and purchases – great for Holiday upsells.

Specific Products – Create an offer that appeals specifically to buyers of a certain product. Highly converting.

Categories – If you sell products in multiple niches, you’ll want to make sure your upsell applies to the interest of the current customer.

Order Minimum/Range – To reward bigger spenders, you can create special offers that offer better value to show your appreciation.

New/Returning Customer – Whether it’s for loyalty or trying you out, an offer for a new/returning customer is a great way to secure future sales from them.

Date Range – We all know holiday sales are great for business, so time-specific offers allow you to reward Holiday shoppers to entice them to come back during the year.

Upsell Offers Funnel After Checkout WooCommerce

Once you’ve chosen your type (and selected any products or categories you’re targeting), you can design your offer. The “Offers in Funnel” section allows you to place the products you’re including in the funnel as part of the upsell prompt after purchase. You can provide 1 offer per funnel or multiple, each with their own specific instructions on what page to show, how to handle the upsell (replacing the original order or creating an additional), and tracking information.

Tracking and Analyzing Your Upsell After Checkout in WooCommerce

One Click Upsells allows you to integrate with 3rd party tracking programs like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and more through the use of the “Tracking Code” feature on each offer.

Tracking Upsells After Checkout WooCommerce

This lets you add a tracking code from your ad host or analytics platform so that they can see how your funnel is performing. The information gained (whether the offer was accepted, rejected, or ignored plus the specifics of the purchase made) can then be utilized for better targeted ads on your ad platform or analyzing whether an offer is working on not. This can be crucial to helping you decide what offers to promote and where to spend your marketing dollars.

For those who don’t use 3rd party programs yet or just want a quick update on your funnels, One Click Upsells for WooCommerce makes it easy to see how your funnels are performing at a glance. Your dashboard will tell you basic information like the conversion rate for the offer (accepted, rejected, or ignored) as well as just how much additional income it has earned you. Without outsourcing the analytics to Google or another company, this dashboard can provide exceptional insight without leaving your site.

Offer Tracking Insights One Click Upsells for WooCommerce

Try It For Yourself

One Click Upsells is dedicated to making it simple and easy to create an upsell after checkout in WooCommerce. Every business owner should be implementing upsells to maximize their profits, so we’ve made it easy to get started with the plugin without affecting the rest of your store.

One Click Upsells works with many of the major payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Payflow Pro, Braintree) to allow for one-click purchases in your funnel, so you don’t need to change what is already working for you. It also works with page builders like Elementor, Divi, and Visual Composer to allow for custom offer pages that give you total control over your funnel. Finally, it complements Handsome Checkout – our conversion-driving checkout and order bump plugin – to maximize your average sale value before and after checkout.

Our Offer

Our plugins can and will help you sell more, earn more profit, and be more successful in eCommerce. To show how confident we are in our plugins, we’re offering a 14-day trial of One Click Upsells for just $1. You’ll be able to get a hands-on demo of the plugin, create your own offers, and see that extra money come rolling in. After that, it’s just $33/mo (or $25/mo if we’ve already convinced you) to unlock the potential for more sales.

What are you waiting for? Don’t leave money on the table – subscribe today.

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