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How to Lighten Up Your Loved One’s Day with a LearnDash Gift


Gift giving is not as easy as it sounds. When the time comes to buy a loved one a gift, everyone wants it to be perfect. Maybe not once have we spent hours searching for great gift ideas, only to end up with something cliché as a gift.

It always has to be exceptional, of course, but coming short of the target is almost always the norm. You want to impress your loved one with something that will make them jump across the room in excitement. It does not come easy; it takes a mix of knowing your loved one and getting great ideas.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult, though. You can take advantage of LearnDash Gift a Course, the WordPress LMS Plugin that allows you to buy an online course for friends and family. So, instead of buying the usual boring stuff, you can think outside the box and gift your loved ones with a great online course.

How to Lighten Up Your Loved One’s Day with a LearnDash Gift

How does LearnDash Gift Work?

The ‘LearnDash Gift a Course‘ was created to help people buy shareable access to online courses, making it easier for them to gift them out to friends and family. The plugin has a creative, easy-to-download procedure that makes sharing the lessons quite simple. It also comes with an easy-to-use interface that is simple enough for most people. That is why it come forth as one of the best ways to share eLearning content.

Imagine how great it would be to get something that rhymes with their tradition and taste. It is such a fulfilling experience to realize that you got that one perfect gift, right?

Awesome Ideas for a LearnDash Gift

Now that you know about online course gifting, it is time we jump in and learn some creative ways of using this newfound knowledge. Probably getting the right gift for an upcoming anniversary, a birthday, or a family holiday gets you scratching your head, wondering what to do. Worry no more. Here are some great ideas that you can use to up your game:

  1. Cooking Classes:

Maybe you have a loved one that is obsessed with making great dishes? Why not get them a LearnDash gift on how to make a perfect cake, meal, or even cocktails. You could choose to learn together as a couple or family to make the experience even better.

  1. Crafting and Art classes

For your little sister, brother, or mom who has a creative nature and is into arts, get them a class to help them better their skills. It could be a gift on calligraphy, water coloring, embroidery, or sculpturing – there is a lot to choose from online courses. 

  1. Décor Classes

It is a valuable course for your loved one that loves keeping the home neat and beautiful. The skills learned here could go a long way in turning your home into an eye-catching piece of art.

  1. Learning a New Language

Your brother is making serious efforts, trying to speak one or two words in a new language. Get them a course that would help them achieve their dreams. Let them learn a new language from experts that will get them speaking like a native.

  1. Health and Fitness Classes

What better gift for your health-conscious loved one than a health and fitness class. Help your family and friends get in shape or maintain it by gifting them a quality health class. It could make for a great family or couple routine.  

  1. Gardening

You are well aware that your giftee loves gardening, but there is no garden where he/she can get to practice their passion. There are short online courses that can teach them how to turn even the smallest of spaces into beautiful, thriving gardens with very inexpensive ideas.

The ideas do not stop here. These are just tips to get you going. The best place to start is to think about their interests and decide based on that. A school student would appreciate a course that helps them manage their time, while your dad would love to have a program that equips him with the skills to take the family business to the next level. With the LearnDash gift, the sky is the limit.

What Makes an Online Course is Such A Great Gift Idea?


The best gift to get someone is one that lingers in their head for a long time. While physical goods can get lost or ruined, learning a skill stays on forever. That is why gifting an online course is a superb idea if you want your loved one to treasure the gift forever. 


eLearning is a robust industry that is ever-growing. There are many fun and creative courses that you can choose from to gift people that matter to you. It is time you get out of the old chestnut gifts that are completely tired and use the variety that LearnDash offers.

You Seldom Go Wrong

If you are still unsure about what online Course to buy, you can use purchase credits or gift cards. These creative purchasing schemes allow your loved ones to access the eLearning site and choose a course of their interest.

The Gift Can Be a Family, Couple, or Group Thing

Learning a new skill is not only fun but can make for a great way to spend quality time with loved ones. Imagine if your dad, brother, or wife is into farming. Getting them an online course that teaches home gardening, for instance, would be a great idea. Then the whole family can choose to join them in their learning and do the gardening together. 

Sometimes finding the right gift takes more than just buying expensive. It might require thoughtfulness and a little creativity. What says I know you better than giving your loved one something you know is always in mind. You might have experienced buying someone a gift and, rather than being impressed, you realized your present was not great. This time around, make use of LearnDash Gift and see how the tides shift in your favor. 

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