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6 Reasons Why Handsome Checkout Can Boost Your eCommerce Shop


Do you want to increase your business’s sales, profits, and overall success? Of course, you do – every online store owner is (or should be) constantly looking for ways to sell more, spend less, and provide a better service for their customers. However, figuring out the best way to accomplish all of this without spending hundreds on inefficient marketing or tools that cost more than their worth isn’t always easy or straightforward. Fortunately for you, Handsome Checkout provides a cost-effective solution for all kinds of businesses to ensure you’re doing the most you can to help your business thrive.

Handsome Checkout is our premier plugin for maximizing your eCommerce website’s sales & checkout process. Through a collection of tools offered in the plugin, you’ll be able to take better control over how your customers navigate your buying system, allowing you to increase conversions, raise your profits, and more.

Below are 6 reasons Handsome Checkout should be part of your WooCommerce store.

handsome checkout templates

1. Proven Checkout Templates for Maximum Conversions

In many stores, checkout is a boring process that only exists to collect payment information for the order. However, with Handsome Checkout you can turn your checkout page into another selling point with one of our 6 formats. Each customizable template allows you to format your page with product information, testimonials, and just about anything else you think is important for the buyer to know. Simply create a new checkout page within the plugin, customize it to your preference, and keep buyers from leaving out of boredom to maximize your conversions.

woocommerce order bump handsome checkout

2. Increase Average Order Value with Order Bumps

Sales are great, but you know what’s even better? Selling MORE! With Handsome Checkout, you get access to an order bump setting that lets you put a custom offer on any of your checkout pages. These tempting offers can lead to buyers purchasing more than they planned, allowing you make more profit by increasing your average sale. Selling a yearly subscription? Add on a free month for just a few more dollars. Got a surplus of products you need to move? Buy one, get one 50% off!

recover lost sales abandoned carts

3. Recover Lost Sales with Abandoned Cart Tracking

Did you know that the average abandoned cart rate is about 69%? While it’s true that not every one of those potential customers had intentions to buy, if you can recover even 10% of them, that’s more profit for your business that would have been lost forever. It never hurts to ask them to consider revisiting checkout (especially if they found their way to your site in the first place), and with Handsome Checkout you can automate a check-in email with Zapier’s integration. The Abandoned Carts tab on Handsome Checkout allows you to see who abandoned their cart, what they had in it, and when. This lets you custom-tailor an offer to send them based on their cart, or you can just send them a little reminder with a discount code if they change their mind. Simple, easy, and potentially hugely profitable!

4. Cut Down on Checkout Time with Embed Checkout Forms

A major factor that contributes to cart abandonment is the amount of time it takes to checkout. Checkout already asks for a lot of information, and with every additional page or click that visitors need to navigate, you risk of them giving up and leaving.

Rather than going from product page to cart when checking out, you can simply use Handsome Checkout’s embedded checkout forms to place the fields on the product page itself or as a pop-up. This allows you to format the pages however you’d like, ensuring everything you need to say to sell them is right there. This way it’s easy to collect their information – even if it is just their Email for cart abandonment follow up – and gives you a higher chance to secure the sale.

woocommerce control tracking fields

5. Take Full Control Over Checkout Fields

Every business is different – some need just a shipping address, some only an email, and some need a whole collection of specific information at checkout to complete orders. One of the easiest ways to miss out on a sale is including additional information that isn’t crucial to the transaction at checkout. On top of being seen as potentially intrusive, it also takes more time to complete checkout, meaning a higher chance that they get bored and move on.

Handsome Checkout lets you customize the fields on your checkout forms, only including what you want. You can include shipping, coupon boxes, phone numbers, and more to ensure you’re not asking too much of your customers. This is crucial for digital sales, as nobody wants to give their address for a download!

reasons handsome checkout can boost your woocommerce store and cancel clickfunnels

6. Integrates Flawlessly with WooCommerce & One Click Upsells to Cancel ClickFunnels

Upselling is a great way to earn more money for your business, but not if it costs a fortune to implement! Clickfunnels is a popular way to introduce upselling to your site, but it costs a lot of money. The comparable Clickfunnel & Actiontec programs cost about $200 per month themselves, while Handsome Checkout & One Click Upsells – our highly-effective upselling plugin – together cost about 1/4th of that. That means more savings each month that you can put towards getting new customers and expanding your business rather than overpaying for similar tools.

Handsome Checkout plus One Click Upsells is a great way to upgrade your WooCommerce store. The combination of these tools allows you to better customize your customer experience, increase the average order value on your site, and overall increase profitability all for less than what you’d pay elsewhere.

Don’t miss out on skyrocketing your sales – order Handsome Checkout & One Click Upsells today!

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