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Gift LearnDash Course Using WooCommerce in Few Easy Steps


LearnDash + WooCommerce WordPress Plugins

LearnDash plugin for WordPress is one of the most popular learning management systems in existence today. Its popularity is attributed to many features, including its very manageable, stepwise methods for creating eLearning websites. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is a powerful eCommerce tool that allows users to create online stores without breaking much sweat. Then, with WooCommerce as an added feature, you can create a platform with unlimited course options and make it possible for users to gift LearnDash course to friends and family effortlessly.

Gift LearnDash Course Using WooCommerce in Few Easy Steps

The advent of digital gifts has caused a rapid shift from the more traditional physical options to trendier virtual ones. The virtual gifts vary from anything like ecards to subscriptions for online programs. With virtual gifts, many a time, one cannot go wrong with finding a perfect gift for a special someone. It is precisely what LearnDash + WooCommerce offers – a much-needed change to the contemporary virtual gifts.

An online course, for example, is an excellent gift option to give a twist of modernity to the gifting process. There are numerous courses available on the LearnDash platform that are a perfect gift option for a loved one.

How to Gift LearnDash Course Using WooCommerce

The WooCommerce plugin offers a wide range of simple ways for a customer to buy a product for someone else. In this case, we will be looking at how to gift LearnDash course using WooCommerce.

Just like when purchasing a physical gift through a WooCommerce platform, the buyer only needs to enter the recipient’s email address. The sender can put the email address against the product, cart, or on the checkout pages.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Choose the LearnDash course that you would love to send as a gift to your loved one. As we had said earlier, you can never run out of what to pick as the content on LearnDash platforms are unlimited. You could choose cooking lessons for your armature chef brother during his birthday, or a basketball coaching for your sister who has recently gained interest in the sport and so on.
  2. Choose to buy for someone else option. The extension will do the rest of the work for you.
  3. Enter the recipient’s email address when prompted either on the product when you move the course to the cart or on the checkout page.
  4. Choose payment option

Once you complete the above process, both you and the gift recipient will receive an email concerning the purchase. The giftee will receive an email letting them know about the gift product and how to access it.

LearnDash Gift Options to Purchase Through WooCommerce

The LearnDash learning material comes in varied forms optimized to help learners get knowledge using fun and engaging ways. Depending on the interests of the gift recipient, the nature of the course can be aligned to make sure they have the best experience. The sender of a gift can choose from downloadable or membership programs. Here are is a look at a few options:

Gift LearnDash Course as a Subscription

WooCommerce allows one to purchase a gift as a subscription or membership program. In this case, the gift recipient receives an email that enables them to get onboard the LearnDash program.

The giftee via the link can set up an account and subscribe to the LearnDash course. The advantage of this is that the learner will have a live and engaging session with the tutors, making it a remarkable gift for the holidays.

Buy Downloadable LearnDash Courses

A downloadable LearnDash gift gives more flexibility to your gift recipient. It is an exceptional idea if you know that the giftee has a tight life schedule, and he/she will appreciate something that they can use whenever they have time.

For this option, the giftee receives a link via their email that grants them access to download a course from the LearnDash platform. The automated process eliminates the need for the buyer to send downloadable links manually or the website owner has to grant permission to non-registered members ever so often.

Physical Gifts Along with The Online Course

WooCommerce also offers the option of tagging a physical gift along with a virtual one. That means, as an example, you can buy a course on a home fitness program and attach some equipment like a training mat that will help the giftee when following the course.

You can put several ideas into practice using this option, and it is a sure way to brighten up a loved one’s day.

Payment Options for WooCommerce

Online buying many times can be hectic due to the lengthy paying processes. Well, you need not worry about that when you decide to gift LearnDash course to a loved one using WooCommerce. The checkout process is simplified to remove the hassle. Even better is that there is no restriction to a single payment option with WooCommerce. The platform offers numerous payment options, eliminating the need for a buyer to do an impromptu sign-up to a new payment method.

The WooCommerce plugin comes with default payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and bank transfer. The plugin also allows you to install other payment options besides these default ones. The installation supports almost any payment method that you could find on the web. Therefore, worry not about how to complete the checkout process when purchasing a gift.


A virtual online course is a great gift idea that keeps giving even after months. With LearnDash and WooCommerce, you need not be scratching your head every holiday thinking of what to get your family or friends. All you have to do is log in and gift LearnDash course using WooCommerce and watch your loved one enjoy their gift every other day. You could even join in and learn together, making it a fun family activity.

More details about LearnDash Gift a Course plugin here

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