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Features That Shouldn’t Be Missing On Your WooCommerce Checkout Thank You Page


It’s essential to thank your customers after every purchase. Even if you have amazing products to sell, you should please them so that they become repeat customers. With a WooCommerce checkout thank you page, you’re a step ahead. Nevertheless, there are some features you need to include on this page for you to see results.

Features Shouldn’t Be Missing On Your WooCommerce Checkout Thank You Page

A strong WooCommerce checkout thank you page should go beyond displaying order details. If you’re out to add more leads, you may consider including improved features that encourage customers to come back. For instance, by reminding a customer to sign up for a newsletter for future offers, they’ll come back if there’s a discount on some products. 

So what can you display on an improved WooCommerce checkout thank you page to get additional leads? 

There are at least six features that shouldn’t miss on a thank you page. But even then, don’t bombard the customer with too much content at this point. If anything, stick to the features that only add value to this page.

Here are some features that can do magic on your thank you page. 

Recommend Sign Up to a Newsletter

We’ll start with this one as it’s a feature most people forget to include on their WooCommerce checkout thank you page. While Facebook is an essential platform for online marketing, we can’t ignore the effectiveness of emails. Customers can access the offers in their emails at any time. Therefore, when they get time, they can check and click on it right away. 

On the other hand, a Facebook post will only appear once on the feed, so the customer may not be able to check the offer. That’s why you need to include a newsletter sign up form on your WooCommerce checkout thank you page to encourage your customers to keep coming back. 

Request a Customer to Share New Purchase on Social Media

After making a purchase, a customer is usually very excited and may want to talk about your product with friends. If you’re looking to drive quality traffic to your site without spending, tap this opportunity and let the buyers do it for you. On your WooCommerce checkout thank you page, you can encourage customers to share their new purchases with friends on social media. 

Instead of spending on Facebook and Twitter ads, they’ll be promoting your products and consequently drive quality traffic to your website. It’s one of the cheapest ways to market your product and therefore increase your conversion rate. You may not know how many people share their purchases on social media, but the few who faithfully do it will attract more leads to your site.

A Discount Code for Future Purchase

People like getting offers on items they buy and promising them discounts on future purchases can convince them to visit your site and buy again. You can include a discount code on the sign-up page for the newsletter. Here, you offer the buyers a code if they sign up. Just by displaying a simple discount code, you can convince a customer to go back to your product page and make another purchase. So take advantage of this and persuade a customer to visit your product pages once again. 

Include a Brief Survey

Don’t forget to ask customers what they think about your site and what they’d like you to improve. Since you don’t want it to affect the purchase flow, consider including a brief survey on your WooCommerce checkout thank you page. As a customer finalizes the purchase process, they’ll spare a few seconds to fill out the survey. In this way, you’ll get valuable data from those buying your products and make the necessary changes to your site. 

However, avoid long surveys. Since it’s optional, many people will ignore it if they realize it’s long. Try to work with a few questions provided they target the information you’d like to get from buyers. Even with five questions, you’re good to go. 

Add Product Guides to a WooCommerce Checkout Thank You Page

By the time a customer is purchasing a product, they already have an idea of how to use it. However, they may still learn a few things from your thank you page. For this reason, it’s important to include product guides and instructions on your WooCommerce checkout thank you page. 

The best way to do this is to add short videos or PDFs with product guides that may be beneficial to the customers. Even better, you can have a video featuring yourself thanking customers for buying your products. Adding product guides to your thank you page shows customers that you’re always there to take care of their needs. Nevertheless, remember to keep it brief, as people wouldn’t want to spend a long time here. 

Add Customer Testimonials 

Customers might get worried after finalizing their purchase, especially if they’ve never used a product before. At this point, they only rely on what other people are saying about the item, which is perfectly fine. You can include a few customer testimonials on your WooCommerce checkout thank you page to reassure buyers that they’re not making a mistake by purchasing your product and services. 

Be sure to pick the best testimonials. A customer may consider going back to your product page to buy more items because someone else is talking well about something they’ve purchased. And of course, that’s a plus for you. 

While establishing a strong online presence helps you market your product and consequently drive more traffic to your site, a robust WooCommerce checkout thank you page goes a long way toward turning buyers into repeat customers. Therefore, be sure to include these features on your thank you page.

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