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Sell More Products with an Effective WooCommerce Checkout Page Template


Are you seeing a high cart abandonment rate in your online store? If your checkout is working properly but you’re not seeing the conversion rate at checkout that you want, it probably has to do with your checkout page template.

While checkout is the last step of the sales process, it is perhaps the most important. A sale is not a sale until you collect their payment information, so if your checkout isn’t capturing payments, you have a problem.

Cart abandonment can be caused by a variety of factors, including overcomplicated steps, asking for too much information, and giving the customer too much time to change their mind. Fortunately, with the right WooCommerce checkout page template, you can address most if not all of their concerns, raising conversion rates and lowering abandonment.

Keep reading to learn how Handsome Checkout can solve your checkout page woes on your path to earning more sales.

Handsome Checkout versus WooCommerce Checkout Page Template

Handsome Checkout is a WooCommerce plugin that gives you the utmost control over your checkout process. In addition to the ability to embed checkout forms everywhere, it also upgrades all aspects of the basic WooCommerce checkout page to increase effectiveness.

Below is a comparison between 4 of the most important criteria for creating checkout pages so you can see just what Handsome Checkout can do.

Design Options

woocommerce handsome checkout templates library
Pre-designed high-conversion WooCommerce checkout templates.

When something is well laid out, looks good, and functions properly, it is going to perform better in the eCommerce world. People put a lot of work into creating beautiful websites, but the “business” end of the site at checkout often goes overlooked. This can be seen on WooCommerce’s basic checkout page where you’re greeted by a distinct lack of color or appeal – just information.

With Handsome Checkout, you don’t need to sacrifice style for functionality. With the collection of templates available as part of your membership, you’ll be able to choose colorful, well-designed styles that put everything of importance on the page for you. Simply customize it to your brand, and enjoy the benefits.

You can also include the cart and pricing breakdown on your checkout page with the Multi Product Template that keeps customers informed about what they’re buying. This ensures there’s no surprises or hidden fees that may frustrate them and cost you the sale.

Field Customization

change woocommerce checkout fields
Put “email” field first for Cart Abandonment, replace billing with shipping fields first, disable fields like Company name, or just capture the Name and Email. It’s up to you.

Are you selling digital goods or services that don’t require shipping or billing information? Do you use a payment gateway that collects everything for you already? Or maybe you need more information than is already asked for? If so, you need to be able to make your checkout form work for you – cookie cutter won’t do.

When you need more or less information from the customer at checkout than WooCommerce includes standardly, take advantage of field customization. With Handsome Checkout, you can add or remove fields for your checkout forms at will. Remove the physical address fields or digital sales, add a “how did you hear about us” box to help evaluate your advertising, or allow them to choose their free gift bonus from a dropdown. There are tons of possibilities – all made possible by Handsome Checkout.

Trust Points

Handsome Checkout Trust Points
Customizable “trust” points, that talk about guarantee, privacy, security. You can also add icons or images to these boxes.

Trust plays a huge role in the success of your online store. Online shoppers are inherently more suspicious and cautious with their purchases than they are in person. This is because many eCommerce stores are “faceless” whereas traditional stores have a location to visit and people on staff to identify the brand. Online shoppers also have to enter their payment information online – something nobody likes to do.

Fortunately, there are ways to quell some of the online shopping worries that may be costing you sales with Handsome Checkout. Trust points are aspects of your website (in this case your checkout page) that help reassure the customer that you are a legitimate company and safe to shop with. They act as your final selling point, and their presence at the end of the process ensures you’ve done everything you can to put your customers at ease.

These trust points include:

Testimonials – Personal recommendations are a great way to increase the trust of your website. Knowing that someone else had a positive experience is sometimes enough on its own to convince someone to make a purchase, so if you’ve got happy customers, show them off!

Satisfaction Guarantee – What’s the best way to address worries about scams? Offer a satisfaction guarantee. You can place your refund policy or guarantees on the custom checkout template so that customers can be reassured at the most personal step of the buying process.

Security Measures – If you have an SSL certificate on your website, that can be a great way to reassure customers. However, not everyone knows what the lock in the address bar means, so take some time to let your customers know how you protect their information. This can be with website security badges, SSL badges, or your protocol for handling personal information entered at checkout.


WooCommerce Checkout Order Bump
Add the pre-purchase upsell called “Order Bump” to any of your Handsome Checkout Pages and increase the average order value quickly.

If you haven’t already heard about the benefits of upselling, let us be the first to introduce you. Upselling helps you to increase the average value of orders placed on your website. This allows you to earn more money, spend more on acquiring customers, and overall fuels growth.

While the basic WooCommerce checkout page template doesn’t include anything about upselling, Handsome Checkout allows you to add a special “order bump” at checkout to make an exclusive offer to your customers. Provide a BOGO discount, discounted shipping upgrades, or a free offer selection to earn more or make for happier customers.

Combine Handsome Checkout with One Click Upsells for pre-sale AND post-sale upsells for twice the potential increase in sales.

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