Why the first upsell offer page is showing up properly and purchase goes fine, while the second upsell offer is not working?

I’m having trouble showing a thank you page after my #2 product in the funnel.
I’ve tried both with “show thank you page” and custom page. But when I press the link my buttons on the #2 product upsell, nothing happens, it just adds a # to the end of my URL. The weird thing is that my #1 product in the funnel works just fine and redirects to the #2 custom page, but the yes/no links for #2 offer are not working.

The problem is that in the first offer
you need to set “Action after Buy Now”
to “show offer #2” instead of “show custom page”.

Then it will work properly.

Option “show custom page” in “action” field 
should be used if you want to redirect your
user to custom thank you page for example.