How to offer multiple different products on the single upsell page?

You can setup the funnel by following the below instructions:

  1. add all the products that you want to offer in the single upsell to the according “Product in offer” field
  2. select “custom page” in the “Offer display method”
  3. add the following type of Yes links to this custom upsell page:

You can find the product IDs in the “Products” > “All products” menu, when you hover on any of them in the list.

For example, setup you funnel like that: 

  • Add “Product #1”, “Product #2” and “Product #3” products to the “Product in offer” field.
  • Create a custom offer page in your “Pages” section, and specify this page as the “Offer custom page”.

And that’s how your YES link would look like on your custom upsell page: