How to create your first upsell offer?

  1. Open your WordPress admin panel
  2. Navigate to menu “WooCommerce” > “1 Click Upsells”. Note: At this moment you already need to have some products created in WooCommerce. At least two: one as main product and another one as upsells.
  3. Click on “Create Checkout Funnel” tab.
  4. Funnel name. Specify some short meaningfull name for this new funnel. For example, “iPhone 5S accessories”. This name will be only displayed in the list of all funnels, so you can find it later easily.
  5. Target product(s). Specify one target product. That will be the product to which this funnel will be attached. Customer will buy this product and then will get offers, that you’ll create next.
  6. Click on “+ add new offer” button to add new offer to this funnel.
  7. Product in offer. Select product, that will be offered to the customer, right after he will purchase the target product.
  8. Offer specific price. You can setup any custom price for this product in percents or in currency of your store. Leave the default “100%” as it is.
  9. Offer display method. Here you can select, if you want to display your upsell (or other) offer on the default page or your own custom page. Set it to “default page” at this moment. If you want to use “custom page” option, jump here.
  10. Action after “Buy Now”. Leave this at default “show Order Received / Thank you page”.
  11. Action after “No, thanks”. Leave this at default “show Order Received / Thank you page”.
  12. Finally, click on big blue “Save changes” button at the end of the page.