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Tips for Creating Smart Offers for WooCommerce Upselling


You’ve heard about how great upselling can be for your online business. Earning more sales, increasing average order value, and improving conversion are just a few of the benefits our Handsome Checkout and One Click Upsells plugins offer. However, if you’re not creating smart offers for WooCommerce upselling funnels, you aren’t making the most of our tools.

Tips for Creating Smart Offers for WooCommerce Upselling

Below are some ways you can craft better offers to see the best results for your online store.

Use Multiple Tiers of Offers

When you’re creating offers for your upselling funnels, it can be hard to decide how much of a discount to offer or what products you should cross-sell. If you offer too much of a discount, you’re costing yourself extra profits that you could have made at a lower discount. You also want to make sure you’re providing every opportunity for cross-selling to customers for their convenience and your profit. To accomplish both at once, use different tiers of your offers.

For example, a pre-checkout or post-checkout funnel that offers a discount for buying more at once is an effective offer to make. Everyone wants a better rate, and this can get them more for less. However, choosing the right discount amount isn’t easy. 10% is a good start, but what if that’s just a bit too low for them? What if 20% is the magic number? Is it worth missing a sale for losing 10% more off retail on every upsell, or should you stick to your guns at 10% and hope it’s enough? You can do both!

To solve this problem, you can create 2 offer tiers within the same funnel. The first would be your upsell for 10% off. If they accept that, you’re golden! If not, you can add a second offer at 20% that might just be enough to reel them in. Just be sure to let them know it doesn’t get higher. Otherwise, they may keep saying no until they get to the highest discount possible.

Ensure Your Offers Are Relevant

While upselling offers are often non-invasive, going out of your way to sell someone something on your site can be a bit pushy if you’re not careful. People don’t mind receiving offers that are relevant to their purchase – they may even appreciate that you’re trying to give them a good deal. However, if you start bombarding them with offers that don’t really apply (batteries for a digital purchase, a t-shirt when they buy a dress, etc.), you may come across as pushy or unorganized. Be sure you’re creating smart offers for WooCommerce upsell funnels you’re creating – they can make or break your sales!

Relevant offers that you can make include:

  • Increasing Order Quantity/Size
  • BOGO
  • Complementary Products (Batteries with Toys)
  • Full Sets at a Discount (Collectibles or Collections)
  • Faster Shipping
  • Trials

Take Advantage of FOMO

Limited time offer! Act now before it’s gone!

Everybody loves saving money when they shop, and saving a ton with a good deal can be a great motivator to get more people to buy. But if you let them think about it, they may realize they don’t need to buy 2 of something or upgrade to the deluxe version right off the bat. In online business where attention spans are so short, you need to take the decision out of the buying process to maximize conversions.

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a marketing strategy that is used by businesses all over the world to drive more sales by adding urgency to your offers. The idea behind instilling FOMO is that you create offers that are only available in limited quantities or for a certain amount of time. If the customer turns it down or waits too long, they miss out on a great opportunity for a bargain. This is where the fear of missing out comes in.

When it comes to upselling, you can use FOMO to your advantage by creating one-time offers pre-checkout or post-checkout. For example, adding a short countdown timer to your upsell pages puts the pressure on the buyer to decide before it is too late. You can also describe the offer’s exclusivity by creating your own custom page, ensuring they understand just how special it is. Couple this with a sitewide promotion, and you’ve got your own FOMO factory.

Push Free or Faster Shipping

Perhaps the only thing keeping eCommerce from taking over the entire retail world is shipping. Nobody likes waiting for packages to arrive, and we especially hate paying for shipping. This provides an opportunity for you as an online business owner to address this shipping concern with smart offers in WooCommerce to make your customers happier about spending more money on your store.

With an upsell offer pre-checkout, you can provide the opportunity to expedite shipping or get it for free by accepting the offer. Some well-known examples are Chewy’s free shipping on orders over $50, or 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime members on all orders.

To implement this on your site, consider an “expedited shipping” upgrade for $1, $5, or whatever is a reasonable cost for you. They’ll gladly pay it, and you’ll have happier customers even if you don’t make all that much profit on the upgrade. You can also implement free shipping to trigger on orders over a certain amount, so an upsell offer that appears for shoppers with less than a certain amount in their cart to add on something small can drive additional sales just for the free shipping benefit.

Once you do this, you can take shipping into your own hands to find the cheapest way to deliver to them so that your upsell earns you more money to pocket – a win-win for you and the customer.

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