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How to Boost Sales with WooCommerce Upsell After Checkout


There’s no easier customer to sell to than someone who has already opened their wallet to you. Upselling (and cross-selling) involves selling an upgrade (size, quantity, speed, etc.), addons (extra items, complementary products, etc.), and just about anything else that earns you more money post-sale.

One Click Upsells is a WooCommerce plugin that makes it incredibly easy to create upsell funnels for your website. Offer a BOGO deal, extend the membership term, or include a crucial accessory with a customizable post-sale prompt that will help you to sell more.

How to Boost Sales with WooCommerce Upsell After Checkout

Do you want to increase your revenue by as much as 30% without spending a dime more on advertising? Keep reading to find out how One Click Upsells and Handsome Checkout for WooCommerce can help boost your income.

Buy One, Get One Discounts

Buy one, get one (BOGO) is an incredibly popular sale strategy that has been used in retail for decades. As the name explains, BOGO deals mean that you offer an extra of the same product (or slight variation) at a discount. These are incredibly popular with clothing, accessories, and anything else that can be given as a gift or found in different colors and styles.

For example, if you’re selling a blue hoodie for $20, a BOGO upsell offer of any other colored hoodie for $10 would be a great way to sell more. As long as you’re profiting on the second item, it’s a no-brainer to sell more products. Plus, your customers will be able to spread the word through their gifts!

Extend Your Membership

For businesses that sell access to information, products, or services, memberships are an incredibly effective way to secure sales on a regular basis. They’re also versatile for the customer, allowing long-term customers to get a discount that keeps them coming back (and a customer on your site means the potential for more sales!).

A great upsell opportunity is to add extensions onto memberships or subscriptions you offer. If someone buys the 3-month plan for $50, consider offering a free month for just $10 more. 12-month plans can also become 13-month plans for $1. The opportunities are endless, and since many online memberships don’t cost more to provide access to, adding more time for a small charge (or free!) can be a great loyalty perk for them and a source of extra income for you.

Popular Complementary Products (Bundling)

If you’ve ever opened a toy on Christmas that you were so excited to get but didn’t have the batteries to make it work, you understand why bundling can be a mutually beneficial upsell to employ.

Toys need batteries, action figure sets need to be completed, and electronics needs accessories like cables or chargers. If you sell products as well as their extras and accessories, providing a recommendation for addons to the purchase can not only increase your sales, but it can also help an uniformed buyer give a more complete gift, or get everything they need at once.

Common examples of this would be adding a HDMI cable to a computer monitor sale, a tool bag for tool sets, a pair of dolls, or a rechargeable battery set for a video game controller.

Offer More for Less

As a business, your goal is to move as much inventory at a profit as you possibly can. Meanwhile, customers want the best deal – as much as possible for as little as possible in most cases. Fortunately, as long as your profit margins are significant enough you should be happy to sell more of a product at a time for a lower rate.

While it’s true that you’d be losing out on some profits by adding more for less than the rate they’re currently paying, it also ensures that they spend that money now. This is much more reliable than hoping they come back to buy another smaller bag or portion, essentially securing the original profit plus the profit on the upsell. The better deal can also help to convince them to come back to buy again next time – and we love repeat business!

An example of offering more at a discount would be to upgrade the quantity of a product, such as offering a 16-pack of batteries for only 10% more than the price of the 10-pack. You sell more batteries, they get a better rate. Win-win!

Expedite the Order

Whether you’re having something custom-made, something shipped, or anything in between, getting access to your product faster is almost always ideal. Unfortunately, moving schedules around to make time and shipping at faster speeds isn’t free, so it makes sense to offer an upsell to speed things up a bit.

Because shipping speeds are primarily pre-sale, they would fall more into Handsome Checkout’s wheelhouse. With add-ons, upsells, order bumps, and more available at checkout, expedited services are easy to offer.

For moving something up in priority (art commissions, handmade products, etc.), a post-sale upsell may also work. With One Click Upsells, you can offer faster processing or special perks like real-time updates, previews, or anything in between as part of premium services. The specifics will depend on exactly what you’re selling, but no matter your industry, One Click Upsells lets you create effective post-sale upgrades.

Turn It into a Subscription

If you sell something consumable like food, toiletries, or anything else that is used frequently, chances are that you have some returning customers that order every so often. While it’s great to get returning business, you can’t always count on the to come to you. Maybe somewhere else is selling it cheaper at the time, or they forget to reorder so they need to run to the store instead.

With subscription upgrades, that monthly supply of cat food can be sent out on the first of each month so that they don’t have to remember to order it. You’ll simply send it out and charge their payment method automatically each month. You can also count on their subscriptions each month to give you a better idea of what kind of sales to expect, which you can use to plan inventory, manage sales, and more.

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