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4 Best WooCommerce Integrations That Track Your Sales


When it comes to online business, information is king. One of the biggest advantages eCommerce stores have over traditional stores (aside from being much cheaper to run) is that the internet makes it much easier to record, track, and analyze information. Thanks to automation, tasks that used to take minutes or even hours now take seconds – providing you insight that will help you run a more effective business in a fraction of the time.

4 Best WooCommerce Integrations That Track Your Sales

With more than one-third of all websites using WordPress, WooCommerce is the next logical step when opening an online store thanks to the collection of features it offers. The beginner-friendly, highly customizable, and efficient plugin allows anyone to open a store, sell products, and collect payments with ease. However, WooCommerce is just a base plugin – rather than focusing on a single aspect of eCommerce, it leans towards being an eCommerce jack-of-all-trades. This means that it doesn’t necessarily excel in too many categories out of the box, which is why WooCommerce integration is so important.

Many of your insights come from the sales reports WooCommerce generates for your store – perhaps one of WooCommerce’s weakest points. Thankfully, with these WooCommerce sales reporting plugins you can get more actionable information to refine your business.

Below are 4 of our favorite WooCommerce integrations to take your reports up a notch.

Top 4 Sales Tracking Plugins for WooCommerce

1. Metorik

metorik tracking woocommerce

Metorik is a WooCommerce plugin that helps address many of WooCommerce’s problems in a single plugin. In addition to sales tracking & reporting, it also works to improve customer service, recovers carts, automates emails, and more.

Most importantly, Metorik makes it easy to generate reports that are easy to read, understand, and act on. Their custom dashboard feature allows you to track the KPIs that are most important to your business, tailoring the data provided based on a variety of filters like time periods, currency types, most popular products, and more. They also have features that allow you to reasonably predict your sales totals based on past growth, expected future growth, and your starting point. The benefits even extend to subscriptions, allowing you to track retention & churn as well as identifying which plans aren’t selling so that you can improve your offerings.


  • Visualizes Custom Reports
  • Supports Subscriptions
  • Tons of Filters for Reports
  • Supports Emailing, Customer Service, and Abandoned Carts

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2. WooCommerce Ultimate Report

woocommerce ultimate report tracking

Aiming to provide as much information as possible through a wide array of reports, the Ultimate Report plugin from WooChamps will provide just about every sales metric you could ask for, with 55+ different reports to customize. It’ll also help with tracking taxes, shipping, COGs, and more.

The dashboard hosts tons of reports, graphs, and other information as you scroll down the page. This includes sales summaries, best sellers, buyer locations, recent orders, popular coupons, preferred payment gateways, and more without needing to do anything more than scroll down. All of these reports can be customized based on the date, exported to multiple formats, or visualized with just a few clicks.


  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Crosstab Reports
  • Sales Projections
  • COGs & Margin Support

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3. Putler’s Advanced Reporting & Analytics

woocommerce tracking putler analytics

If you’re looking to get a collection of information from multiple stores, various timeframes, and filtered according to your needs, Putler’s reporting tool may be for you. This tool emphasizes organization and consolidation of your data, allowing you to get an in-depth overview of all your WooCommerce accounts from a single dashboard. With over 153+ metrics to consider, you’ll always have something to analyze.

With Putler’s WooCommerce integration, you can combine multiple WooCommerce accounts onto a single dashboard. This works to consolidate all your data from multiple sites into one spot, allowing you to see your total sales, best selling products, order statuses, recent sales or payments, and more in an incredibly friendly user interface. It can also be linked with payment gateways and other accounts to allow you to manage all your stores from one spot, so refunds are simple.


  • Great UI Dashboard
  • Multi-Store Support
  • Integrates with Other Programs for Additional Functionality
  • Up to 7 Years of Historical Data

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4. Glew WooCommerce Analytics & Advanced Reporting

glew woocommerce analytics reporting

Glew’s advanced WooCommerce analytics tool combines the power of multiple services like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and more to provide a comprehensive view of your eCommerce store. Whereas many sales report plugins focus on providing data simply to provide insight into your business, Glew’s plugin actively seeks that insight for you through customer insights & product analytics.

Customer insights allows you to analyze your revenue stream – the customer – to identify how you can encourage sales, retain a customer, or convert an advertisement. You’ll also be able to identify your most valuable customers, automatically providing discounts or unique targeted emails to get them back on your site with Mailchimp. If a particular customer has a habit of refunding or charging back orders, you’ll know to verify their order before completion.

Product insights tell you more about how your products are faring on your site. Money makers will be highlighted, products that are refunded often can be identified & removed, and if something isn’t appealing to customers you’ll be able to sweeten the deal. A WooCommerce upsell is one of the best ways to increase income, and product combination insights provide customized recommendations to your customers based on what is commonly sold together to other customers. Throw them in your upsell to cash in.


  • Comprehensive Custom Performance Reporting
  • Customer Insights
  • Product Insights
  • Mailchimp & Google Analytics Integration

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Increase Your Sales Numbers with One Click Upsells

Once you’ve chosen a sales report plugin that’ll help you keep track of sales you’re already making, why not try to raise those sales numbers with a WooCommerce One Click Upsell plugin?

Our One Click Upsells plugin allows you to increase your average sale value by offering special promotions to customers after they make a purchase. With a single click, you can amend an order to add a new product based on the offer that you’ve setup. Your customer will get a good deal and you’ll earn more profits – a win-win!

Wrap Up

As an eCommerce business owner, you need to take advantage of the tools an online store has access to. With the information that an advanced sale reporting plugin can provide, you’ll gain valuable insight into how to make your business more successful. Maximize your marketing dollars, improve conversion rates, and more with just a plugin or two.

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