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5 Ways to Send LearnDash Digital Gifts Online


Digital gifts are quickly gaining popularity in this generation for appreciating and bringing smiles to the faces of our loved ones. These virtual gifts are majestically taking over from the traditional physical ones, especially now that there is the coronavirus pandemic.

People can send their loved ones eCards, physical goods, and online subscriptions as digital gifts. The gift-giving process is still not a walk in the park since there is a lot of thinking that goes into it.

However, the advent of creative innovations such as LearnDash Gift a Course are slowly making it easier for users to overcome this hurdle. Digital gifts offer an unlimited gift option. With inventive ideas such as LearnDash digital gifts, you can buy an online class for a loved one.

5 Ways to Send LearnDash Digital Gifts Online

Here Are Some Exciting Ways to Send Your Loved One a LearnDash Digital Gift

LearnDash LMS plugin is impressive for its many unique course display options and the ease to share courses with loved ones. With just a few simple steps, you can send a digital gift to someone miles away without leaving your couch.

Here is a Look at Five Ways You Can Share LearnDash Online Course Gifts:

1. Send a Link Via Email

LearnDash digital gifts are sharable over email. The sender of the present only needs to enter his or her email address and the recipient’s email address on the website. The user will receive an attractive email with a link to the course. The sender of the gift, on the other end, will receive the payment details in their email. 

2. Send a Downloadable Course

You can share a LearnDash course with a friend or family through a downloadable link. The user will only need to click on the link and follow easy download steps to access the learning material. The downloadable gift is a great idea that gives an individual a flexible learning program.

The gift idea can range from anything like a carpentry course on the latest technology for your grandfather who loves woodwork to gardening tips for your loving sister who loves growing her veggies.

3. Send a Gift Card or Credits for LearnDash Courses

Many a time even, with a whole website of fun and creative online courses, one can still be at a loss on what gift to choose. If you are not sure about what you need to get that special someone, the solution is buying credits or gift cards. These gift cards and credits grant your giftee access to a LearnDash website where they can choose an online gift of their choice. Sounds awesome? Yeah, it is. So, no more scratching your head every Christmas thinking of how to best surprise a loved one.

The giftee can log in to the website, pick a course of their choice and use the gift card to enrol in it. With the variety that online courses bring, you can rest assured that this gift will earn the grin that you so desire to see on their face.

4. Send Membership to LearnDash Course

Instead of sending a downloadable online course, the LearnDash digital gift can also come as a membership program to an online learning program. As the gift sender, you can purchase a membership for your friend or family. Once the purchase is processed, the gift recipient will receive an email link granting them access to the program.

The membership program could be a wonderful gift for your dad who needs to sharpen some skills for your family business or a first-time mother who wants to know everything about bringing up a baby.

5. Schedule to Send on a Special Day

You can schedule LearnDash digital gifts to be sent on specific days. That means that when you plan to send a loved one a gift, you don’t have to wait until the very day to buy one. All you need to do is give the schedule, and the gift gets sent on the big day.

It is a fabulous way to plan a gifting process days before an anniversary or a birthday. It could make for a very wholesome surprise. You could even be together on that day when they receive the gift and be a first-hand witness to the warm smile on their face.

Send to More Than One Person for Joint Learning

LearnDash digital gifts are excellent because you can enrol more than one person in a given course. Group learning is a fun and interactive way to keep families, friends, and couples together by doing things together. It gives you a perfect window to share a gift for a holiday usable by more than one person.

The possibilities for this kind of sharing are endless. You can share online courses that teach group skills, games, and activities that lighten up the holiday. For instance, imagine how fun it could get to learn to play musical instruments, or learning karate, or joining a health fitness program together.


 An advantage of these online gifts is that they are shared easily without the long annoying payment or transfer process. That means it spares both the gift sender and the receiver the headache that comes with old-school methods of sharing gifts.

So, this time around, do not send a boring eCard that has become cliche place a smile on the face of your love done with an online course as a gift.

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