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5 Creative Marketing Ideas To Improve Online Sales On Your WooCommerce Store


Whether you just launched a new WooCommerce store or your online business is already established, you never stop looking for means to grow your sales. You only know your business is doing well if the sales are showing a positive trend. That means you have to find ways of not only attracting more people to your business but also convincing them to make a purchase. And that’s where marketing comes in. 

5 Creative Marketing Ideas To Improve Online Sales On Your WooCommerce Store

Even then, marketing is much more demanding than we know. Like how do you stop to evaluate your marketing strategies or how sure are you the steps you’re taking will bring results?

Such questions will keep ringing in your mind while you try to improve your online sales. The truth is, planning fresh campaigns to breathe new life to your WooCommerce store is challenging. But don’t give up just yet. 

Here are five creative marketing ideas to attract visitors to your WooCommerce store and convert them into repeat customers.

#1 Organize Special Events for Your WooCommerce Store

Forget about writing compelling Facebook ads and instead focus on what makes customers happy. There’s no doubt people love events, and you can take advantage of this to maximize your online sales. On top of popular events, be sure to include store-level events to appreciate VIP customers. For instance, you can launch birthdays, have brand-specific days, or a special day to celebrate the valued customers. 

Events are a great way to get prospects and customers to learn more about your brand. Whether the activity is educational or fun, you’re giving everyone a chance to interact with your brand. Also, events can get media coverage, and that’s a plus for you. While you don’t expect all the prospects to convert immediately, they’ll turn into potential leads. 

Events can also increase brand awareness through social media networks. When attendees post photos of the event on their profiles, in essence, they’re spreading the good news about your brand. So you realize that can be a better social media marketing strategy than ads.

#2 Give Free Gifts For Shopping More

We all love gifts, and if you don’t offer your customers some goodies for making more purchases, they may only add a few items to the cart. Dishing out gifts to visitors encourages them to shop more, and that works to your advantage. While converting a single prospect to a customer is a great achievement, it’s more rewarding to have them purchase more of your products. 

You can offer gifts to your customers in four ways:

  • An admin can manually send gifts to user
  • Gift products can automatically be added to a user’s cart
  • Customers can be allowed to choose their gift on the cart page
  • You can offer gifts to customers in the form of Buy One Get One Free

Whichever way you do it, gifts can do wonders for your WooCommerce store. When you convince customers to buy more items at once, your sales figures will double.

#3 Focus On Customer-Centric Benefits

Most sellers tend to focus on what makes their products the best, which is not a bad idea. However, to convince customers to purchase what you offer, it’s essential to show how beneficial it is to them. If you’re out to drive higher sales to your WooCommerce store, be sure to highlight the advantage the product will provide to the customer based on their needs. 

Customer-centricity gives an edge over the rest and helps you to build trust in your customers. Keep in mind that the products you offer should address the specific needs of the customers. Given that customers have the power to choose your competitor’s products, you have to convince them that what you offer will solve their problems. 

Therefore, before you list down the features of your products, let them know how beneficial to them. The best way to do this is to attach particular benefits to a given feature. It makes it easier for them to make a quick choice. 

#4 Make Use of Cross-Selling and Upselling

Cross-selling and upselling are strategies that can help you earn more revenue from existing customers. Successful entrepreneurs are those who make use of such techniques to boost their sales. The act of driving revenue by retaining existing customers is what defines customer success game in WooCommerce. 

Repeat customers are likely to shop more than the first-timers. Since they already have an idea about what you offer, it’s easier to convince them to buy complementary products on your WooCommerce store. Even so, you should offer something relevant to a customer’s needs at that particular time. 

It’s essential to suggest products related to what the customer has already purchased to help them achieve their goals. For instance, you can offer a printer to someone who has purchased a new computer since they may need it down the line. 

WooCommerce upselling encourages customers to get an upgrade of their original purchase. Usually, the customer pays more for the upgrade, and that boosts your revenue. 

#5 Send Personalized Newsletters

While every WooCommerce store sends promotional newsletters, a few remember to customize the content to suit the recipient. It’s one of the main reasons why most stores experience low traffic despite sending out newsletters regularly. If you’d like to get more traffic from your newsletters, it’s essential to give it a personal touch

While design and the content of the newsletter are essential parts of the email, it takes a perfect presentation to convince a customer to click over to your landing pages. The most effective newsletter is one that presents products that fit the purchase history of the customer. 

Running a WooCommerce store is more than bringing unique products to the market. Someone else might be offering similar services, and somehow, you have to rise above the competition. That’s why you need to have a strong marketing strategy to make your brand known.

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