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4 Tips to Make Your Product Stand Out on Your Online Store


Do you have a new product you want to show off, or a product that just doesn’t want to sell as well as the rest of your catalogue? With a few simple strategies, you can make any product stand out on your storefront.

4 tips to make your product stand out in your woocommerce store

Making a product stand out is all about visibility, and since you don’t have a physical location you can design around the particular product you’re trying to sell, you’ll have to find a way to emphasize the product digitally. In essence, your online store is very similar to a standard storefront – you have parts of your site where there will be more traffic than other locations as well as places to market your products so they stand out. By making the most of your store as its own marketing medium, you’ll improve your ability to highlight a specific product to increase sales without paying for exterior advertising.

Below are 4 strategies to implement on your site for increased sales on your designated product.

Put It Front and Center

Your homepage or landing page is the first impression visitors will have of your business. Even if they bounce immediately after visiting, there’s still a chance they saw the top of your site. This prime real estate at the top of the page (known as above the fold) is shown without scrolling and visible on most screens upon arrival. This is by far the most viewed part of your site, which means that menus, banners, and headings at this location are going to be front and center.

Consider placing your product as a “featured product” towards the top of your store’s homepage, or creating a banner that shows off the product & links to its page to with WooCommerce extensions for some extra clicks. Keeping the banner persistent on every page also means that it’s always visible, and as we know visibility is key!

Draw the Eye to It

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a popular method of designing your website to maximize its conversion rate. The idea is that you ensure the most important information sticks out from the rest so that it catches the user’s eye. Colorful images, videos, buttons, and product listings can all seriously stick out against a white or gray background, making people more likely to go where you want them to (in this case, your product page).

If you’re trying to draw attention to a specific product, you can try placing a high-resolution image of the product next to a description and sharp-colored button to make it stand out. The image will catch the user’s eye, the button will come next and tell them where to go, and you’ll have more eyes going to your featured product thanks to some smart placement and eye trickery.

Use A Sale for More Sales

If you’ve ever watched TV, read a newspaper, walked into a store, or visited an online store, you’ve seen a sale sign. Sales mark an exceptional “deal” on a specific product or type of products, and are often used to sell more of that specific merchandise. Sales are effective because everyone likes to save as much money as possible, so crafting the perfect discount can skyrocket sales while maintaining effective margins. They also instill a fear of missing out (FOMO) in the buyer, convincing them that they should buy it now to take advantage of the sale – whether they planned to or not. Add in a countdown, clock, or deadline for the sale to end and you’ve got an effective call to action that is sure to help your product stand out.

To make this work for your online store, consider using the WooCommerce plugin’s sale feature on specific products you want to sell more of. This will add a “sale” ribbon to the product in your catalogue that helps it to stick out from the other products, allowing it to capture more attention. You can also use another WooCommerce extension like Improved Sale Badges to further customize the sale markers you’re using to add more details, stick out even more, or mark multiple products at once.

Suggest It As Part of a Bundle or Add-On

Depending on the type of product you’re looking to sell, bundling and add-on offers can be an effective way to get more attention to your highlighted product. If your online store is in a niche that includes products that often work together or complement each other (collectibles, tools, toys, or sports gear), introducing your product as part of a discounted bundle can be a great way to convince buyers to buy something they didn’t plan to. For example, if someone is buying a baseball bat why not offer a bundle with a helmet, bat, and glove? They’ll get everything they need, and you’ve increased your sales.

Smaller or cheaper products that go with other products (batteries, chargers, carrying cases, etc.) can also be offered as an add on when the buyer orders something that will need it. Getting a new phone? Why not add on a charger? If your highlighted product is relevant to a purchase, it doesn’t hurt to offer it as an add-on.

Close the Sale with Handsome Checkout

Once you’ve caught the buyer’s attention with your product, you still need to complete the sale to get paid! A fast and simple checkout with the WooCommerce extension Handsome Checkout can ensure you won’t miss out on any of your hard-earned sales. Offering customizable & embeddable checkout forms that can go on any page as well as upsells & bundling options, it’ll help increase sales while securing them at the same time. Combine it with One Click Upsells for even more potential sales!

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