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Two Types of Testimonials You Can Use in Any Business


Want to know the most important marketing element every business must have if it wants to be around for longer than a few months?

It’s NOT having an amazing list of features and benefits.

It’s NOT crafting the perfect product hook headline.

It’s NOT even having a good traffic campaign.

You could do A+ level work on the items listed above but if you miss the most important element, you’ll always be fighting an uphill battle.

The element I’m talking about is PROOF.

Proof does two things. One, it tells your potential customer that your product or service has delivered the results they want to other people just like them. Two, it tells your potential customer they can trust you.

And one of the best ways to show proof is through testimonials.

Now in a perfect world you have emails from happy customers that you’ve saved and you can get their permission to use on your sales page and checkout page.

But let’s say you don’t have any testimonials. In fact, maybe you have a new product and you don’t have the results to share yet.

You can still use testimonials if you understand the two types.

Want to know what they are?


When it comes to testimonials there are Product Testimonials and Character Testimonials. And I want to explain both.

Product Testimonials

Product Testimonials share a customer’s experience with you product or service. A good product testimonial will clearly show prospective customers that someone else was able to achieve a specific result using the product. I don’t care what you sell, the reason people buy something is for a specific result. The result may be that they want their friends to compliment them on their new dress or blouse. It doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, a Product Testimonial is proof that the result has been obtained by someone else.

Character Testimonials

Character Testimonials share a customer’s experience with you or your business. The job of this type is to prove trust. It tells people that you’re someone with character. So if you’re launching a new product and you don’t have a Product Testimonial, you can prove to your prospective customer that they can trust you and your business.

A good Character Testimonial might feature a customer’s positive experience with your fast and friendly support team. It could even be as basic as having a mentor or someone who knows and trusts you vouch for you personally.

The point is this…

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business. You could be doing 7+ figures or just starting out. Proof will be the thing that determines how long your business is around.

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